Toshiba 911T with Oakley Bluetooth Sunglasses

The Toshiba 911T It is one of the last mobile Japanese brand that will be on sale in March, within the catalog of SOFTBANK, one of the operators of the country of the rising sun.

It is quite similar to the Nokia of this type, very good performance but not very lucky design. The 911T is a slider HSDPA (3.6Mbps of speed on the Internet) with a huge 3 ” WVGA screen and 480 x 800 resolution, Bluetooth A2DP, 3.2 megapixel with autofocus and anti-shake CMOS camera.

The internal memory is 1 GB and also expandable by microSD up to 2GB capacity cards. Internet browser, Viewer for Office documents, and of course all the usual services of Japan as TV One-Seg service or payment FeLiCa system.

The Japanese all this should appear low, so the pack comes with sunglasses Oakley built-in stereo with Bluetooth headsets. The 911T is available in four colours which you can see below.