Toshiba RG4-E01 and G900

The Toshiba RG4-E01 the image above is one of Japanese brand new products that represent its return to the Windows Mobile World. RG4-E01, which seems to be at the moment its codename, is a smartphone with support HSDPA, 65,000-color display, camera 2 megapixels and Bluetooth A2DP.

Given the “reasonable similar” and that Toshiba is the manufacturer of the Zune of Microsoft already there are that are baptizing him as ZunePhone.

Next to this smartphone Toshiba will present in the 3GSM in Barcelona the G900 a Pocket PC Phone Edition widescreen 3 “W-VGA 800 x 480, WiFi and tray with sliding QWERTY keyboard style HTC. We’ll be there to tell you.