Toshiba TS808

Following the announcement of Toshiba of its new TS605, we have seen that the Japanese already have in Spain the TS808 Sacha brought us in September.

The TS808 It is a 3 G format shell’s more formal style than the TS605 and focused as a music player, for what counts with hotkeys on the lid, connector stereo headphone, and although internal memory is only 10 MB supports up to 1 GB miniSD card.

The main screen is QVGA of 2 “and 262.000 colors, while the secondary black and white has 1.3”. The integrated camera is 1.3 megapixels. Bluetooth, USB 1.1 and recording and playback of the most widespread formats of audio and video features complete this mobile of 125 grams, 98 x 47 x 23 mm, and one autonomy standby 350 hours and 170 minutes in conversation. It seems that it will be part of the catalogue Vodafone Live!.