Toys That Make Success With Babies Up To 8 Months

When you’re a first-time mother, or when it is not mother and have to present any baby, we never knew that toy buying, which will please and be useful and what’s not going to be getting dust on the shelf. With me it’s always been that way.

Well, after conducting a laboratory test for exactly eight months (today is Leo MESversário! EEEEE!Congratulations to him!), I can give some tips on what toys work and why.

Oh, but every baby is one that pleases the son of a neighbor may not please the man. Yes, for sure! But I share with you some suggestions for toys that stands a good chance of pleasing a significant number of babies and also comment on the why I believe that.

Well, go to tips:

  1. Toy with mirror: Leo has thisfrom Skip Hop and loves, loves, loves the business.It’s a passion! He, like all the other babies, love see your reflected image, and for this reason this toy does so successfully.
  2. interactive Booklet of fabric: To joy of the father of Leo, he (LEO) is in love with this little book of Corithians tissue.And joy of Mama, Leo already enjoy books!:-) I think it’s great that toy because it gives option for people go counting the stories without the pages being torn out and bites, licks. And the book format causes the baby to have interest in handling it.
  3. Toys with different shapes, colours and textures are excellent choices.Babies love to manipulate them, study them and bite them.Leo loves this little model full of tips. I also realized that he likes because the format helps in time to hold him (from a very early age he was holding to nibble). In addition, different textures help to stimulate the baby’s brain. What is Leo has is this Lamaze brand, which by the way, has really cool toys, following this same style. Super indico!
  4. Teether hand: Leo goes astray biting that hand.Has true worship.Is an ordinary toy, but super useful in day to day (he, at least, stopped nibbling and licking his hand for clues to this yourself).
  5. chicken Pintadinha DVDs: ok, it’s not a toy, but as guarantees fun entered the list.Leo LOVES the 1 DVD, but is not enjoying the DVD 2.The 3 I have not yet made available, because I need to keep an ACE in the hole for moments of despair. The chance to buy one of these DVDs and is great big! I’ve never seen a single mother mean the son doesn’t like.
  6. Pyramid of rings: this toy is suitable for babies from six months of age.For now, the Leo loves to disassemble the pyramid and bite the rings and base, but should soon begin to understand that you can do the opposite, i.e. instead of taking the rings, put them back.According to the manufacturer, this toy stimulates creativity and motor skills and the texture and bright colors stimulate vision and touch, contributing to the psychomotor development. “. If that’s right, I don’t know, but Leo fun.
  7. Toys that make noise and it has ribbons or bits to nibble: I’ve seen several moms comment that your kids love to eat the etiquedas of toys.Well, here at home was no different.Any Ribbon or tag enchants the Leo. In addition, he always enjoyed toys that make noise, like any baby. I think it’s for these reasonsthat this little owlets of Skip Hop makes so much success with it. They have a built-in rattle and have those wings that work almost like etiquetinhas. With them, my little takes place.

And now other hot tips!

You don’t need to spend money if you want to give a fun and stimulating toy for your puppy. Just use creativity. As I said, babies love toys/objects that make noise. Then, take empty boxes and fill them with beans or rice. Then, just fix the parts that can open not to happen. I did this and the Leo fun.

Another tip is to take objects from the House they can handle without danger, like wooden spoons, cups (Leo loves a colorful coaster game that we have), pots, etc.

And now a tip that was just given by a reader (she left it in the comments of this post and I thought cool already insert here): never leave 100% of toys available. Always leave some stored, to give when they’re in use shall lose the grace (I do). Then, after a few months (reader’s suggestion was three months), you can go back to the old toy, he will again cause frisson.