Traditional Sweatpants

Nothing better than being able to dress comfortably and still stay in style, especially on the coldest days in the desire to get out of bed is almost nil. One of the most controversial parts, in turn, entered the fashion to occupy the niche of comfort combined with style: a female sweatpants.

Female sweatpants is a piece that for many can be considered sports and even too sloppy, in extremely comfortable appearance and be widely used to stay at home, sleeping or playing sports, for example. However, with a little inspiration and wildcard parts you can create unique and full of character and visual, break, get extremely comfortable with female sweatpants.

Current models

Current models of women’s sweatpants were repaginados to take the merely sportswear face.Currently, the most widely used models in looks street style are the carrot type: the hip is slightly wider, with the part tapering as it arrives near the feet. This creates a visual more sequinho, less bulky, and because of that, more beautiful and harmonious.

There are also women’s pants sweatpants in tailoring style with straighter and marked cut and button and zipper. Depending on the occasion, this kind of model can serve up to a moment that calls for more sobriety, like going to work, observing the environment.

The jeans, like sweatpants, is synonymous with comfort and practicality. Thus, there sweatpants made ​​models of jeans skinny and tight to the body and more structured, with button and zipper.There are also jeans with application sweatshirt, being reserved for full of personality and not give up an innovative trend.

Create your look

The most important when deciding to incorporate women’s sweatpants in your wardrobe is to know which style you want to print in its production: a more casual style, more fashion, more urban or more sports.

Second, because of the way the pants and your maximum comfort of appearance is to be careful with the other pieces you use or your look can go by water below. By using female sweatpants, give priority to blouses with less volume, more sequinhas and adjusted the body, slightly more structured and less loose tissue with a tidier appearance. Prefer also extremely delicate and feminine jackets or full of personality, but do not give up the combination of sweatpants with lazy sweatshirt.

It is also important to perfect accessories, as maxicolares , earrings, bracelets, bags and hats , as well as in shoes – run away from tennis is not too want a sporty look. To begin assembling your look, discover the sweatpants that suits you and follow the tips.


The traditional women’s sweatpants are, in most cases, light gray or dark gray, and may or may not have a tie at the waist. Because of its color, capriche the palette of colors throughout the rest not to create a look dull and lifeless.

Use your gray sweatpants with a rose half sleeve shirt, blue or red, creating a colored dot.Combine with sneakers with glitter, sandals rasteirinhas in some detail or stamped heeled shoe. If you want to give a charm more, do a little dobrinha in his pants bar.

For a more sober look, opt for a black blouse, navy blue or white in nobler fabric, like silk. Finish with a perfect cut blazer, leaving the show his wrists. If you want to give a fun and vibrant touch, choose a blazer pink or light yellow, for example. Feet, scarpin or open boot thin heel.

You can also combine your sweatpants with a fluffy and delicate knitting, as with sequins for a romantic look. For lovers of a more visual rocker , use your sweatpants with boots or combat boots, band shirt and leather jacket with studs, rivets or other details.


In addition to the gray in model, you can also find women’s sweatpants in colored versions, as in petrol blue or burgundy, and printed versions, as with floral or animal print pattern.

In such cases, it is best to opt for a shirt whose color matches the color or the pattern of the pants, so it is quite harmonious. In the case of colored pants, combine with printed blouses in colors that match the pants, like using a pair of blue sweatpants oil with a striped shirt in black and white, creating a visual delicate and stylish.

In the case of printed sweatpants, prefer to blouses that are colors that print has: using one sweatpants with animal print , choose a black and plain blouse with some distinctive detail as income on the sleeves, for example. The more daring can mix prints like floral print combined with animal print, floral print with stripes or prints of poá and so on.

So all you need to use the women’s sweatpants is to choose the correct model and match pieces that balanceiem sports style pants. already choose your and not be left out of this trend.