Transparent: The Trend Not Only For Hot Days

The proverbial breath of nothing should not be missing in any wardrobe. Transparent clothing is one of the most fashionable trends for 2015.

And, contrary to our first guess, transparent clothing can be far more than sexy. On the runways of the most influential fashion shows, we have already enjoyed exciting variations and varied looks, all around transparent clothing.

And in fact, the perfect dose of transparency is there for every taste. Whether discreet and elegant-with minimal details that allow for a glimpse of the world-or exciting and daring, with evening gowns that captivate and bewitch with their refined transparency. With a few tips you can make the transparent trend relaxed and easy to put into your wardrobe.

Transparent Clothing: Less Is More

The formula less is more can be applied to transparent clothes several times. For the city stroll with the girlfriend, the shopping in the supermarket or a lunch with the in-law parents a less transparent clothes for a more effect. It is very easy to limit yourself to a transparent piece of clothing and to play with the transparency of the material without showing too much skin.

A transparent top made of soft chiffon and a straight knit cardigan is just one of the many trendy styles. If it is really daring, very feminine and sexy, then you can look more amazed with less opaque material for the more. Our favorite fashion models, such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, have already provided breathtaking performances by performing their evening dresses with transparent details on gals and award shows. In order to avoid the view through a transparent dress at certain points, you can access various tricks of the professionals. A great option is layering several layers of transparent clothing on top of each other.

Transparent Clothing: Visibility With Style

Of course, it makes sense to always make the degree of transparent clothing that we cover up a little bit dependent on what our plans are for the day or the evening. For the meeting with the boss is not necessarily a transparent dress. Do not give up completely on the transparent trend, but despite formal circumstances do not:

For example, you can put together a tasteful and yet office-like outfit on the basis of a transparent blouse.

Wear an opaque blazer in noble camel or natural white with a high-necked, transparent blouse with boy’s collar in delicate old pink or ivory, as well as a trendy slacks trousers in gray or black and you are dressed in the best way and can confidently convince.

You create a very hip and urban look by combining a slightly transparent skirt with floral pattern on pastel colored ground under a casual sweater in the boyfriend cut.

Playful and at the same time glamorous, if you wear a transparent, flowing Maxi-dress for the visit of the first Open-Air-Party of the year and draw a close-fitting simple and shoulder-free mini-dress. With this combination you can put your feminine silhouette in a dream setting and are guaranteed to be the highlight of the party.

With transparent clothing, you can live out all your facets and conjure up matching outfits for every occasion according to bittranslators. As transparent clothing is particularly striking in several layers and thanks to the mix of materials, we are happy about the transparent trend not only in the summer. Even in autumn and winter we can show our good nibs for trends and stylish looks with transparent clothing.