Travels 7 Thousand Km of Bicycle for Three Countries

Gabriel Voltz Had Dreamed Of Accomplishing The Adventure From Childhood.He Made The Trip In Two Months And Went Through Argentina, Uruguay And Chile.

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Alone and with $ 24 in his pocket, a young man left Porto Alegre to pedal about seven thousand kilometers in two months. Last week, he returned to tread on Brazilian soil when passing through Uruguaiana, in the West Frontier of Rio Grande do Sul. Not to starve, he worked as a mason in Argentina, as shown in the report of Bom Dia Rio Grande, RBS TV (see video).

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The desire to venture into South America has accompanied Gabriel Voltz since childhood.But only years later he fulfilled the dream. After the end of a relationship, he began the journey.

“When I was little I saw a movie of Che Guevara, that he travels by motorcycle America.And I wanted to do it when I grew up. I was very inspired by this film, to travel by bicycle with no money,”he said.

The route, with initial destination to Montevideo, in Uruguay, also included cities like Paysandú, Rosário, Córdoba and Mendonça, in Argentina, and Santiago, Chile. Seven thousand kilometers were covered in two months. The family only learned of the trip through a newspaper that published the adventure days after Gabriel hit the road. Details of the adventure were also recorded on the internet.

“It’s a life experience. I learned to speak new words of a new language, I met many good people. Anyway, I have fond memories of this trip”, completes Gabriel.

The adventure is not over yet. Gabriel is still on the road, but should return to Novo Hamburgo, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, next week.