Trend Alert: Scarf Pattern!

The famous prints of scarves, scarf prints, resurfaced with the spring/summer 2011 fashion show of Céline, but was at this year’s parade of Dolce & Gabbana that was consecrated as one of the biggest hits of the summer. Invaded the Brazilian catwalks in brands like Ravi, Balcony and Oh Boy! Since then, the pieces have a special place in the macaws of the shops more tuned like Zara, brasileria Farm and even in fast fashions biggest as the Riachuelo.

Are a little difficult to coordinate among themselves, but for girls who can is synonymous with style and fashion sense apuradissímo! For that, the big trick is to have funds with the same color and prints that talk to each other like a pink blouse and a skirt with gold and off-white with pink. The look is very interesting and with fashionista footprint!

Already the most discreet can combine only one piece stamped with other add-ons neutrals like jeans, white pants and accessories in black or nude. The gold tip is use the scarf pattern on lean body part, considering that this type of clothing expands the silhouette! The facility is in dresses, because they are unique, the concern is only for the accessories, which may have similar colors to print details or neutral as Dkny Ships on the first look.

In addition to shirts, you can use skinny pants, leggings or the so-called pajamas pants–in this case, bet on fairer clothes on top and use high heels to lengthen. The skirts are also versatile pieces, just combine with silk shirts or t-shirts, abuse of accessories to give interessância to look. And for girls who still think it is an exaggeration, you can bet in cheap accessories like handbags and shoes with scarf prints, will be in fashion.

Will play the prints of tissues?

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