Trends in Summer Bags. Get Ready For An Explosion of Color!

Spring is here and with it come new trends in summer bags you want to know which colors, styles and materials and prints are all the rage?

Explosion of color

With each change of season always there are some colours that predominate. This spring are bright and conspicuous hues as the Emerald, coral, magenta, yellow, Orange and, of course, the “Klein Blue”. Yves Klein was a French artist who in the 1950s was the bright blue as the main color of his works and patented as the “International Klein Blue”, widely used lately by the signatures of fashion handbags.

PANTONE, a company that creates color palettes to identify and compare the color used in the graphic arts and design, chose the emerald green as color star of spring. Their forecasts following designers like Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana or Christian Dior also have opted for this color in their new collections.

The pastel colors, repeat

We highlight keys Mint green, “nude” (pale pink similar to the skin tone), pink, coral, peach, sky blue and soft yellow. We found the sky blue and pink powder coating in many articles of the designer Valentino. Loewe, in addition, also bet on the pistachio and vanilla. Many manufacturers of bags looking for contrast, combining neutral colors or pastel with handles or corners in shades Brown.

Bag for daily

It seems that show the inside of the bag is fashionable. But not because we go with open bag but because transparent materials are! These “transparent bags” are made of a flexible PVC which allows you to see through. Sometimes, PVC is stained with a light color and often combined with other types of materials (such as leather, synthetic leather,…).

Big brands such as Chanel, Prada, Bimba and Lola or franchises as Zara opted for this spring as fresh and summer fashion.

Bowling bags are one of the essential summer bags for this season. They have a rounded shape and usually hand and zipper. Its form has its inspiration in bags of bowlers of the 1920s. Its simple, casual and sporty design is quite timeless and already was one of the must haves for last winter. This season it reinvents itself with animal prints, bold colors and new textures such as ostrich skin. Predominates classic diamonds padding.

It bag “tote” has a square or slightly rectangular shape: normally, the base tends to be less wide than the top. It’s the typical multi-purpose bag where you can put everything thanks to its large size.

Some “tote bags” (as they say in English) they are reversible and allows you to change the color of the bag in a jiffy. Others carry a removable Department which can be used as a separate shoulder bag.

If you want to bet on a youthful air, backpacks are the perfect choice. We can find them in different colors and fabrics, such as raffia, canvas or pvc. Its main attraction is its comfort. Returns a success within the “urban style”.

This season, the shoulder bags trend-setting once more. This is due to its versatility and comfort. Its long handle you can cross by the body and leaves your hands free to be able to cope quickly and comfortably. They are medium-sized or collegiate style “satchel”.

Similarly, handbags or handbags (in English “clutch”) repeated another year and also are among the must-haves of the season. Those who prefer small bags are in luck because it is one of the winning spring-summer fashion trends. You can take them with asa long, short, String, PVC or leather.

A variant of the Clutch that has become fashionable French firm Celine, is the “Grocery bag” (in English, used this term for the paper bags used in grocery stores to charge with purchase). In consonance with the “Grunge look” that is so on trend.

Fashion details

Bags of spring of daily use like style bowling, tote, clutch, Messenger bags or backpacks are still using details in chains, rivets, tacks and spikes.

The Baroque style is imposed in party bags

We are in the favorite season to celebrate weddings, baptisms, communions, and many other events that require dress in our best clothes. The Accessories and party bags take on a special importance and the Baroque style is imposed between the major fashion brands. We will see very ornate handbags: large beads and stones, crystals, pearls, Rhinestones, glitter… in addition to very elaborate and ornate metal nozzles.

Bags with colors fluorine, daring shimmering effects and combinations in black and white.

Bags and accessories with iridescent effect colors or iridescent (that change color as you look at it), metallic gold / silver and bright colors with glitter, will bring a touch of daring with which it does not pass unnoticed.

This season spring – summer, they can not miss the colors fluorine. New yellow, Fuchsia, green and orange repeat and will be the most watched in the complements. The collection “Candy Bags” (Furla) fluoride, I love it!

Take the geometric prints, above all, the pictures of chess. The Russian chess player Garry Kasparov will be pleased with this trend: pictures, pictures and more pictures like on a chess board. Different sizes where the combination star is the Duet of white with black.

Ethnic patterns, floral motifs and “striped sailor”

The stamped ethnic inspiration “knife” (from the “Navajo”, American indigenous population), also called “indi”, will be one of the most important trends. Multitude of handbags, shoulder bags or medium sized bags will have ethnic geometric drawings. Franchises like Berhska, Stradivarius, and white are the leading representatives of this style.

The floral prints are a basic spring/summer which seems that it never goes out of fashion. This trend is also called “stamped liberty”. The reason for calling it as well is because a British merchant, Arthur Lasenby Liberty, decided to create his own company, Liberty of London, and became very famous for its floral fabrics. Since these stores have globally imposed this characteristic style. Bags we see some other floral print, but always combined with other finishes or patchword mode.

Stripes XL: If until now was a “wild-card trend” each summer which recalls the fashionable seaside, many designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe have become an essential or “must have” (in English) this season. We find many bags with wide horizontal stripes.

We continue with the saturation of animal prints. Prints like snake or crocodile than the earth-toned or with lots of color. I have chosen this model of discreet bag that can be combined.

Printed camouflage or khaki military-style shades will be seen in some bags of summer. Personally I do not find me comfortable wearing this trend, let’s say that I am rather pacifist.

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