Trendy&Comfortable: XXL-Shirts

A shirt is tailor-made in perfection: it gives its wearer (and its wearer, for men’s shirts have long since conquered the female wardrobe), seriousness and timeless elegance. 

A shirt gives the person who carries it presence and a factual, focused charisma. Nothing distracts unnecessarily, but details such as collar, button strip and cuffs can make a plain white shirt an exciting piece of clothing.

Of the different combinations that make the classic men’s shirt one of the hottest trend parts of the season, not to mention! Women in XXL shirts not only prove their assertiveness and timeless style, but can also be extremely sexy or really casual in the shirt-white, which is stricter and focussed than any blouse-depending on the textile context of the shirt. The basis of multi-faceted and stylish looks from Lady to Tomboy form classic shirts, which can be found in your loved one’s wardrobe or in the men’s department of your favorite (online) shop!

XXL Shirts For Women: Masculine Strictness Meets Facetious Femininity

XXL shirts, which otherwise form the basis of the classic look of business men and other correctly dressed men, are a hot favorite on our must-have list this season: the casual and elegant trend look of men’s shirts of classic white or Light Blue; We leave all other colors out here to avoid the effect of the look. In general, gentlemen’s shirts are always a bit too big for women-that is precisely the intention behind this trend: an XXL shirt gives its wearer contrast to the classic blouse unequaled more casualness and coolness! At the same time, hardly a piece of clothing is more sexier than a men’s shirt worn by a woman, a frivolous quote that already knew how to play fashion greats like Marlene Dietrich or Coco Chanel! In high-end version, with one, two, three open buttons or even as one-shoulder blitz, with rolled up

Sleeves, closed or open cuffs: There is definitely no shortage of possibilities to wear XXL shirts.And with the right combination, even less, because with the right Dazus, XXL shirts are the guarantor for a successful performance that can be masculine-cool but also extremely feminine and seductive.

Important: The shirt is a must-with blouses, the fashionable game with the sex does not work, they are a modified, “haired” form of the classic shirt, which is distinguished by its straight and thus particularly objective cut. It is therefore a question of bringing your lover’s shirt into a new fashionable context-or simply buying a simple men’s shirt, which is too big. (It’s also a feminine variant with a button strip on the left instead of the men’s shirt on the right). The trend is from the silhouette game, so the shirt can be a little too big. Look forward to versatile chic that could hardly be more relaxed-neither in terms of its seat nor its statement!

XXL Shirts: Style And Effect With The Roles

The color white stands for innocence and purity, but also for seriousness and practicality. Even shirts in light blue are suitable for the implementation of the trend look. They look, for example, to denimics or (black) leather, serious and stylish.

The right cut of an XXL shirt supports its effect additionally: Through the straight cut, both women with luscious breasts as well as petite women without much upper range look very sexy in a men’s shirt. If you have a lot of bosom, you will be sexy by the understatement of the shirt, without appearing attractive. Women with small breasts lend XXL shirts an adrogyne attraction.The look is even more exciting and gets a lot of sex appeal by means of a meaningful make-up (red lipstick!) And a withdrawn, masculine hairstyle (on short hair very trendy: take hair with gel out of the face,

From Elegant To Casual: Styling Variety For XXL Shirts

For the job, the after-work party and the long weekend: A classic men’s shirt as a stylish all-connoisseur in the female wardrobe is full of its qualities. This makes it possible to design XXL shirts-typically simple, factually cut shirts in white or light blue-in various styles:

To counteract the masculine cut of the shirt extra-femininity. A tight pencil skirt (in which the shirt is stuck to show more feminine curves), top of the range heels – so exciting can be a business outfit that even becomes party-like when you combine eye-catching shoes and eye-catching jewelry.

Very elegant and adult, a classic men’s shirt acts as a companion for a wide Marlene or Palazzo trousers. Beautiful contrast: floral white to pants legs with floral print or graphic pattern.

Sunglasses and stilettos give the look summery ease, but it also works with narrow ankle boots and ankle boots when it gets cooler.

The easy-to-wear casual look for everyday life and jobs: Simple shirt for jeans, most beautiful in classic Denimblau, in anthracite, gray or black. Noble accessories such as a masculine watch, a bracelet or a striking ring add a touch of elegance to the purist simplicity of the shirt-pants-suit.

XXL-shirts in trendy retro-chic stylst you with a (Highwaist) -Bootcut or Flared Leg Jeans.Leather sandals with block heel or espadrille with wedge heel, and ankle boots or shank boots made of beige, brown or red brown leather (the booty is hidden under the trouser leg). A vintage bag and ethno-style adorn the modern hippie look!

Cool and trendy are XXL shirts with a tomboy look: they are combined with relaxed-fitting anti-fit and Oversize pants or Boyfriend jeans. Also “design” pants, which are unusual or asymmetrical cut, fit well to the peace and clarity, the XXL shirt emanates. Strict masculine shoes, such as Budapest or Chelsea boots, but also sturdy footwear such as bikers or worker boots fit perfectly to the unadaptiveness of the look. Even subtle military accents, such as a classic parka in khaki or olive, underline its effect.