Twitter is Testing Autoplay Videos on iOS

The Twitter follows experiencing functions to increase your social network. Already become a tradition! One of the latest, however, may not be well regarded, not right away: a feature that plays videos in the timeline automatically.


As you know, automatic video playback is a standard feature of Facebook for months. Despite causing irritation in many people, the feature helps the company to keep users on the social network for longer – who has not joined Facebook just to get a “sneak peak”, but stood there watching videos run alone?

On Twitter, the timeline has different dynamics. It is for this reason that the company is being careful: the tests are being made ​​with a small number of users in the United States who use the service app on iPhone and iPad.

There are two groups: the first complete view videos; the second material only six seconds duration. In both cases, you need to click on the video to enable audio, such as Facebook.

It should be clear here that the company is trying to find out if there is good acceptance of AutoPlay, and if so, whether they are full or short videos that give more results.

The purpose of Twitter is to explore the idea in sponsored videos. Currently, this type of content only generates remuneration to the company when the user clicks on the material to assist you. Nothing prevents, however, that autoplay is also used to encourage more engagement – the Twitter allows direct upload videos since January.

There is another feature that began to be tested recently: a filter that automatically blocks the display of threatening, abusive or offensive messages directed to verified profiles. The appeal must primarily help celebrities living being targeted messages “heated”.

For now, it is just that, experiments. There is still no information about the massive deployment of these resources.