Ultralight Trekking Forum Meeting Autumn 2013

Now it’s already more than a week since we sat comfortably at the camp fire and listened to Geartalk, as well as exciting stories. Reason enough to make the weekend in the Brexbachtal with a few impressions revive.

The Arrival

After an almost four-hour drive I stood in front of a compulsory barrier in the driveway to the Brexbach valley. Since a bit of movement does not hurt, so I make the way to pick up the key at Pico. Fortunately, I do not have to run the 20 minutes alone, because with me another member of the Ultralight Trekking Forum has arrived. Bea is very fresh and this is her first meeting. So we are going together on the way to Square 17.

There has already been the best camp fire. After a few first small talks and greetings, it is to get the car and then to find a cozy place at the camp fire. This is how the hour passes by and the view of the clock shows us that it is already 4:30 am. Time to sleep!

Saturday Morning

That was a short night. I’m already awake when the first ones are back at the camp fire to dedicate themselves to the breakfast. I can not really sleep anymore. So I torment myself from the sleeping bag and pull the camera.Autumn is at its best and so I will serve you the further course of the meeting in pictures. After all, pictures say more than 1000 words:

The Ultralight Trekking Flohmarkt

This flea market has a long tradition at the meeting. It offers the ideal possibility to take a whole bunch of equipment into the hand and to assess. If you like it, you can acquire the object of desire for small money. Also many small parts, for which the Porto hardly worthwhile change here their owner. Although the volume of the flea market this time was surprisingly great, not so many equipment objects changed the owner. This is probably due to the fact that most of the people present have everything and the newcomers were not so numerous this time.But our two new additions, Micca and Bea, have hit the ground and they have been able to build a complete UL stock for a relatively small amount of money.

The Keynote Keynode

At 2 pm the keeper Keynode was already set up, on which Mateusz presented his new collection for 2014. This moment he has reserved exclusively for the meeting. The night before we tried to squeeze some of it out. But to face we got the packs then only on Saturday at 2 pm. Unfortunately there was a strict photo ban on the keynode.Everything that is shown at the meeting remains at the meeting, or in our heads. This makes it more exciting for all those who can not be there!

I can assure you, however, that the packs have done a lot! I have been able to carry all the packs and, like many others, I have been able to contribute a lot. If you are accustomed to the accustomed design of the huckePACKs and huckePÄCKchens, you will probably experience a little surprise at the beginning of 2014. One of these backpacks has grown so much to my heart that I even dreamed of him and loaded him again and again in my head cinema.

More Impressions

A few impressions of the Ultralight Trekking Forentreffen in autumn 2013:

I would like to thank all participants of the ULFT. It was really a great time with you guys! A special thanks goes to all the dear people who have sent me a nice card with which they would like to thank for the work on the forum! I was absolutely speechless…thank you her madman! See you at the winter meeting or next year!