Underquilts For Hammocks

Again and again, the word ‘underquilt’ comes to mind in the word Hammock. An underquilt is usually an insulation from below, which becomes indispensable for a hammock as soon as it is somewhat cooler outside.Similar to a (top) quilt or a sleeping bag, a layer of insulation material ensures that the body does not cool down by emitting too much heat into the air.

The Principle Of Under-Quilt

If you lie in a hammock during a cool breeze, you notice quite quickly that you get a cold butt. Even if you lie in a sleeping bag, the cold creeps slowly into the back and the back. This is because the insulation layer is compressed by the body weight and is thus almost useless.

Here the underquilt comes into the play of this is namely like a Daunendecke (synthetic fiber goes also) outside the hammock. This prevents the insulation from being flattened and the body is reliably protected against the cold from below. In contrast to a sleeping mat, which is included in its hammock, the underquilt is much more comfortable and also provides adequate protection on the shoulders, as it sits sideways against the body.

Combination Of Under And Top Quilt

For this reason it makes less sense to use a sleeping bag in the hammock. The insulation from below is not needed and even side is still protected by the underquilt. The superfluous dish of a sleeping bag should be saved and put into a quilt. This quilt can also be narrower, the sides already protected by the underquilt.

The Length Of The Underquilts

Underquilts can be bought in different lengths. Some models protect the complete length of the hammock or the entire lying surface. Other underquilts only protect the torso. Then there are still some that leave the feet or lower legs unprotected. Here you can find something for all tastes!

Full Length Underquilts

The so-called Full Length Underquilts go, as the English name implies over the full body length. This gives these underquilts an excellent protection and are easy to handle. The only downside is, of course, the higher weight. But just in the deep winter the extra insulation can compensate for the weight loss!

Torso Length Underquilts

The shorter Torso Length Underquilts only protect the important torso from the cold from below. In the summer this is also absolutely sufficient. Insulation for the legs is then not necessary in many cases. But when it gets colder, you can still protect the legs with a piece of sleeping mat, a backpack or clothes. This is also possible in winter with a Torso Length Underquilt outside.

There are of course also intermediate sizes with all their advantages and disadvantages. For me but a light Torso Length Underquilt for 3 seasons and a full length underquilt when it gets really cold.


Underquilts are for me the ideal solution to isolate a hanging mats from below. The only drawback of underquilts is that you can not use these as a foam mat as a backup if you have to sleep on the floor. So there should always be a place to hang out nearby.