Unison Performance Anniversary in the Test

The unison performance anniversary can be controlled conveniently was sofa. The test reveals what is technically behind it and sounds like the class-A amplifier.

If we look at the Audreal as a secular leader, performance is to UNISON the intellectual Mitra. The Italians celebrated worthy – while the smaller tubes candles near wells reverse swing – six giant chandelier of the type KT 88 on a copper covered wood altar. Only the best of the best in question were for the applied to commemorate Unisons 40-year-old birthday, fine tuned version of the anniversary. So the power pentodes manufactured earlier in England and now Petersburg, carrying the nickname Gold Lion for appropriately refined control grid.

Unison performance anniversary: construction

Elko Bowl behind resident, Cardinal Red (4 x 470 micro Farad / 400 volts, two in series) must take care in addition not only to the purity of the anode supply voltage. Unison strong transistors has begotten them, sitting on the right and left visible page heatsink. Adjust Interfering out and make for a quieter reloading. What is likely to be already not particularly hard because unison among the large outer shielding hood for each channel an own giant Brummer at transformer parked. This luxury and other electrolytic capacitors (4 x 1000 micro Farad / 450 volts, two parallel) consume even the input double tubes. And because it doesn’t ensure no more, Tango that unison uses four of the small glass bulb and – the increased electricity power to love – has in parallel two triode systems of based on an ECC 82.

Despite his desire for higher performance, allows to twist his Alps bright with the supplied unison system remote sensor comfortably from your sofa. Its five Line-Ins and a tape-out, he leaves if necessary also with a whole pack of feeding devices. The output transformer under the inner sheet metal hoods offer a 4 and 8 ohm speakers on tap to try out.

What but certainly is not their special position . Because about it constantly flows of very high class-A quiescent current, their core needs an air gap present magnetic field, so that it does not take him into the saturation. That requires more windings and a more designed padding, thus still the whole Hearing Impotence can be evenly spread.

Everything not easily, and so offers the performance more understandable way no bias adjustment potentiometer for anyone’s. All the way down and all the way up to find out exactly the right mean between the music hub, leaving a cunning transistor automatic unison rather.

So, ensure that the power pentodes run with their parallel driving and output electrodes in the pure class A operation is 100 percent . At level, it has to be done every Gold Lion with the full dynamic range of the music.

Hearing test

In the first hearing tests, this process wanted to but not yet properly fold. It took – up that the chemistry in the electrolytic capacitors finally agreed and until the active surfaces of the valves finally properly formed – over several days a development. A grand piano sounded only like out there, the next day still closed and with protective cover on it.

But at once listeners encountered almost with the head of the large furniture, to hear then truly outrageous. Such as a Brad Mehldau Legato spielt how he gleefully rolling the fingers and the hammers can. And how delicately the left hand chords direction. Tone by tone sparkling clean and polished other amplifiers can also: by it but revealed the most gentlest codependent sound braids, more of the inner musical connection reports the performance however. Drums can also: performance divided but almost with lascivious permeability wood, leather, and the various metals apart, to monstedand a Questioning reality to put together.

Sapperlot, Joshua Redmans soprano sax appearance in flour Daus “The Falcon Will Fly again” began to conjure up the Italians on. What else “is doing in the truest sense of the word”, was released via performance with an added touch of lifelike warm air. This materialized are still a kind of veil, which can fly at the startled listeners over with gentle swing and almost tangible to the curve. Falcon, Redman, the veil out every now and again seemed a beautiful woman to smile at the listener. The only bitter pill! That he unison can give his wonder world with high, but not very high level us.