USB Stick for Smartphones – Dashdrive Durable UD320

USB Stick for Smartphones

DashDrive durable UD320 USB stick for smartphones.

The DashDrive durable UD320 USB stick for Smartphones has a micro-USB connector as most smartphones and Tablet PCs. This way you can connect him not only on the computer, but also on his cell phone. This new USB stick for smartphones endures but also a lot: he is shock-resistant and waterproof – and very interesting for those who want to store their data in a cloud don’t like or constantly perform backups on the PC.

ADATA has announced durable UD320 its first USB stick for smartphones with “USB OTG” technique with the DashDrive. With this technology, mobile phones and tablets can act as host so that you can connect USB flash drive directly to the data transfer to mobile devices, without that you need a cable for this. According to ADATA durable UD320 with the USB stick DashDrive immediately access to the data stored on the phone, also backups of the data are possible with this USB stick for smartphones. In addition, the DashDrive has a standard USB port durable UD320 – so you at home can copy easily his data from the cell phone on his desktop PC.

Give, it will be the DashDrive durable UD320 USB-stick for smartphones with 16 and 32 GB storage space everywhere where you can buy USB sticks. Durable for the users of the DashDrive UD320 USB flash drives for smartphones to give also access to free downloads of ADATA UFDtoGo software with which you can maintain your personal information and update.

In addition, users of the DashDrive durable UD320 have access to the free download UFDtoGo software from ADATA, which is intended to allow maintaining and updating personal data on the go.