Using The Same Water Bottle Without Washing

A new study by treadmillreviews found that many plastic bottles reuse without the wash often are full of germs.

In fact, as the British Underground site, the researchers suggest that drinking water from a bottle is reused as ‘dirty’ like licking the toilet. But wait, in terms of germs and bacteria, the toilet has a lot less than you think.

The researchers analyzed in laboratory bottles of water after each one is used for one week for an athlete. The bottle with more bacteria-on average 900,000 colony forming units per square centimeter-had more bacteria than the toilet seat.

And the bottle of an ordinary person were found 313,499 bacteria per square centimeter. All mainly due to lack of cleaning between uses. And to make matters worse, the researchers found that 60% of the germs they found in bottled water were capable of making people sick.

But don’t give up of reusable bottles, the bottles’ flush ‘was for less’ contaminated’ and drink bottles of stainless steel is healthier than using the plastic.