Vaccines for Pregnant Women

Vaccination is critical to the well-being and health of the pregnant woman and the baby. Through vaccination, the body of the pregnant woman is protected against the most frequent and dangerous infections, thus preventing health problems that could be very serious for the baby, but also for the mother.

Vaccines for Pregnant Women

The mother-to-be, when vaccinated, will produce antibodies against these diseases.

Thus, if any infection occurs, the body will already be prepared to defend itself and eliminate this infection.

These antibodies pass into the baby during gestation, but also later during breastfeeding. This way, the baby will be protected against these diseases during pregnancy, but also in the first months of life.

It is therefore fundamental that the pregnant woman respects the vaccination proposed by the health system, in order to prevent problems for herself and her child.

The ideal time for immunization is before becoming pregnant, but if this does not happen, some vaccines should be taken during pregnancy, and others after giving birth.

Check here the vaccines that must be taken during pregnancy, those that can not be taken during this period, and also the vaccines you should receive after birth.

Recommended Vaccines for Pregnant Women

There are three vaccines that are recommended for pregnant women, because of the risks that a possible infection could bring to the baby. Thus, vaccines for pregnant women are as follows:

– Hepatitis B;
– Influenza;
– Adult acellular bacterial triple (dTpa) or adult type double (dT).

Vaccines recommended for pregnant women in specific situations

There are some diseases where the risk of contraction is not the same in all pregnant women. Thus, in some specific cases, your doctor may ask you to immunize against certain diseases. The vaccines that may be recommended in more specific cases are:

– Meningococcal conjugate;
– Hepatitis A.

Vaccines forbidden for pregnant women

There are some vaccines that, despite being made up of small amounts of weakened microbes, may still have some risk of contagion of the baby. As such, these vaccines are prohibited for pregnant women. These vaccines include Yellow Fever, Varicella, Viral Triple and HPV.

Recommended Postpartum Vaccines

As mentioned above, antibodies can transfer between the mother and the baby through breastfeeding. In this way, it is very important for the mother to be immunized after delivery in order to protect the baby. The vaccines you should take at this time are as follows:

– Influenza (only if not taken during pregnancy);
– Accelerated adult bacterial triple (dTpa) or adult double (dT) type (only if not taken during pregnancy);
– Hepatitis B (only if not taken during pregnancy);
– Triple Viral;
– Varicella;
– Hepatitis A;
– HPV;
– Meningococcal conjugate.