Variety of Systems For Smartphone Increases Risk Of Virus

Created a few years ago, mobile platforms are starting to be exploited more often by hackers

The variety of operating systems to smartphones and tablets is a challenge for information security companies. According to John Dasher, Senior Director of McAfee’s mobility, security companies are still adjusting to new difficulties brought by mobile devices. In a lecture held in the 11 Focus, Dasher addressed the challenges of security in the age of mobility.

“In the area of desktops, the two main platforms (Windows and Macintosh) are the same for the last 20 years, at least. The new versions of these systems are already mature platform enhancements. In the mobile market, we have seen in a few years the emergence of several systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Are new platforms and are starting to be exploited now by criminals, “said Dasher.

Smartphone is not phone

Apart from the lack of maturity of the mobile platforms like, another factor contributing to the increase of viruses on smartphones, the behavior of the user. “Many people, even those with intimate with technology, still see the smartphone as a phone. They don’t see this device as what it really is: a computer, with all components found in a desktop PC, operating system and programs, “said Dasher.

This view also appears when it comes to security, second Dasher. For see the smartphone as a phone, many people don’t see the need to, for example, use a security software. “I believe that this situation could change if there is a very powerful virus for smartphones and tablets. Something that causes serious losses for both companies and individuals. Then more people will be more concerned with security in mobile devices, “he said.

Android is the most attacked

According to McAfee, so far have been detected around 1,200 of viruses for smartphones and tablets. It’s still a very low number when compared to the PC, but the growth has been fast and Google Android, has been the main target. “The amount of virus for Android is greater than the total for all other systems together,” said Dasher.

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  • PDF, Flash and Java are the new targets of cyber attacks
  • Digital virus creation kits cost R $2700 per year

The Executive explained that this does not mean that Android is less secure than other systems. Other factors influence the number of viruses for this platform, like the popularity. Hackers try to explore the most popular systems, to obtain a greater gain defrauding bank accounts, for example. And Android is currently the most popular on smartphones.

To ensure greater security in the use of equipment, many companies must rely on their own app stores over the next few years. Thus, the employee could only download in your mobile applications already verified by the company enterprise. Second Dasher, corporate applications stores must become more popular in the coming years.

Virtualization can be way

A trend pointed to by Dasher is the virtualization of smartphones, mainly in the corporate environment. “With virtualization, the smartphone operating system runs on the servers of the company. This could, in theory, increase the degree of safety of these devices, “he said.

Dasher, however, noted that the mobile device virtualization is still only a possibility. “Virtualization brings a new level of complexity to security and completely changes the template used today in mobile devices,” he said.

* The reporter traveled to Las Vegas at the invitation of McAfee.

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