Very Soon We Will Know The Name of Android N

Few details are known of the next version of our favorite operating system. Weeks ago we know all the news about Android N thanks to previous versions that Google has been publishing for their most recent devices since last March. Now us It remains to know the version number and its name.

Few surprises are expected on the version number. If Android was Android 5.0, Android was Android 6.0 then Android has all the ballots be Android 7.0. Everyone takes it for granted, even Samsung escaped the version number two months ago.

On the name of the new version so far we only know that it will begin by N. 3 weeks ago Google asked us to put a name to Android but today because we can not send more proposals.

Google is now studying all proposals have been received from users all over the world to very soon announce the name of Android N.

Android N, looking for a name

There are many ideas that has received Google, such as custards, Nachos, Nectar, Nuts, Naan, Napoleon, Neyyappam, or Nougat, among other proposals, sweet and savoury dishes that we can see in the picture that accompanies this story. We do not know if all of these proposals will be chosen by Google.