Vienna Box As a Special Coin Purse

The Vienna box is known as the “slightly different purse”. Because of its square shape, it differs from other models.

Functionality for small coins

Highlight the Vienna box is the folding system, which gives a special function of the purse. Opening the purse looks like an accordion and allows a simple and at the same time large opening. Small and large coins are presented openly. The collection of contained coins becomes much easier.

Types of the Vienna box

The dealer holds several purses with the Vienna box function. The Vienna box as so-called “coin purse” is the best known form. It includes only the function as a change room. With your small and square form, the complete purse folds up.

  • Mini purse without banknote compartment
  • Mini purse with currency compartment and Vienna box
  • Classic wallets with coin purse as Vienna box

Mini purse with currency compartment and box are for example increasingly popular because they can absorb the most important content such as bank notes, coins and a credit card. Finally, there is also the ticket pockets or classic wallets with coin purse with “Wiener box” function. These are increasingly rare to see in stores.

Relaxing currency exchange at the box office

Due to the special construction of the Vienna box, you can quickly sift the coins. This represents a big difference to traditional purses. Where other purse owners stressed looking for the required coin, the owner of the Vienna box quickly finds the right coins. The box makes not only the owners happy, also the cashier can quickly serve the next customer.

Material made of leather or imitation leather

The material of a purse is not differs from that of other species: leather is a quality material at the Vienna box . Also for lovers of art leather, there’s a selection of this functional boxes. Unfortunately, not many vendors have these special purses in the range.

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