View Of The Palladium Spring/Summer Collection 2015

On most days you can see me wearing leather shoes or sneakers, in the winter, of course, with boots. I have not come to the idea of ​​wearing boots in the summer. Emphasis on so far, because only recently I have intensified myself with palladium, which just bring boots to the market, which one can wear even in the summer.

For this reason, I would like to take a look at the Palladium Spring/Summer Collection 2015 together with you to see if there is one or two pairs of boots that can be dressed in summer. Colors are all these times that already before. Before I enter the collection, a few words in advance, about Palladium.

Palladium-The Company

The origin of the French brand Palladium does not lie, as one suspects in the fashion area with the current shop. Rather, the company was founded in 1920 and produced tires for the aviation industry. Through the use of canvas straps under the vulcanized rubber, extreme stability of the products could be achieved. Soon the majority of the European air fleets used the palladium tires known for their longevity.

The demand for aircraft tires, however, collapsed dramatically and one had to look for something else to keep the company alive.Palladium, near Pont de Cheruy, established a new production facility near Lyon, which concentrated on the production of equally hard-wearing shoes. Thus the already acquired know-how from the tire production for the production of the soles was made use of.
27 years after its founding as a manufacturer of aircraft tires, the legendary shoe ‘Pampa’ came out in 1947. This was due to its functionality, convenience and longevity to the shoe of the stranger legion.

Thus the model proved itself in the harsh desert conditions of North Africa up to the rugged terrain of the Atlas mountains. For over 60 years, Palladium has been combining authenticity, modern production and high-quality materials. New manufacturing processes made the model even easier and more comfortable. The timeless design of the ‘Pampa’ boat has been retained to this day.

SS Collection 2015-Vive L ‘Histoire

The Spring/Summer collection lets Palladium Boots reflect the history and origin of the brand in many respects. After all, the motto “Vive l ‘histoire” will revive the company’s history. The Denimlooks and Vintagestyles, which can be found in the collection, underscore the classic character of the brand, which is particularly evident in the Stonewashed colors.
However, the LR Sport TW and the Pampa Sport TW also offer two completely new models, the SS 2015 collection, on the market.

However, one can note that the focus of the collection lies clearly on the classic Oxford, which comes in many different variants. A total of ten colors are available for the Pampa Oxford and the Pampa Oxford LC, including Nordic Blue, Sage and Brick as new colors of the season.
A special highlight of the collection is the Heritage look for men.With two new model collections, Palladium is dedicated to its own history and classic male look.

With a raw denim look and olive-colored piping, a timeless style is created, which is underlined by the blue-white striped inner lining.The designers at Palladium came to the idea of ​​the military’s historical bags: the combination of linen and canvas creates an authentic look.
As you can see also Palladium has recognized the signs of the time and blue as the color of the season in the own collection.Personally, I like the faded blue particularly well, since it partly reminds of a jeans shirt and therefore certainly well to be combined with this. Now enough information about the collection. Below with JUSTINSHOES are my favorite shoes from the current collection.

My Highlights Of The Palladium Shoes From The Current SS 2015 Collection

The first shoe, which I have chosen as one of my highlights from the SS Collection 2015 of Palladium is the Lr Sport TW. This is one of the new models, which is available in five colors. Compared to other models from the label’s label, the LR Sport features a much thinner sole than palladium, giving it an understated look that is perfect for summer.

In color, of course, I chose a trendy blue tone, which is loosened by the shoelaces in a bright orange accordingly. These in my opinion also contribute well to the summer look of the shoe and I like better than the tone in tone shoelaces, which the Lr Sport TW also gives.Also the contrast of the top of the shoe to the light sole white to please. A shoe which I would definitely wear.

The Pampa Oxford is one of the shoes, which is available in over ten colors in the shop of Palladium. This should be the right shoe for every taste. Even I chose a single-colored, black Pampa Oxford, since I was looking for a more reserved shoe. Should I have found with this also! Due to the different colors, the Pampa Oxford is certainly the shoe par excellence, if one has to be flexible, with regard to color selection.

In the end, I decided to make a copy which probably corresponds to the term boat: the Pallabrouse. This is also available in ten different colors. And the beige version shown here is still the best.

In the search for information about this specimen I was reminded that the workmanship is very good and also the size fits perfectly.What makes me a little more excited is the fact that the shoe is very comfortable to wear and easy to be. Which of course also speaks for wearing such a shoe in the summer.

A Small Conclusion

Either way, the current Palladium Spring / Summer collection 2015 offers some interesting models for us. Usually in a variety of colors, which should at least strip your own taste. If you want to convince yourself of this, I recommend you to visit the website of Palladium.You can share your opinion about the current collection with us in the comments.