Vintage And Retro: Style For Those Born In The Wrong Decade

Did you fuck with the costumes from the movie Grease? Does Audrey Hepburn act as muse? Or would you do anything to get back to the golden age of disco music? If the answer to one of these questions is “yes,” then you are probably “born at the wrong time”, meaning you identify more with the vintage and retro style than with the current one.

Since it is not possible to travel in time, we will choose to rescue looks that will make you feel the taste of what it would be like to live in your favorite decade!

Generally, we use the term vintage or retro to describe any antique-looking piece, but the truth is that each term has a specific use. Vintage refers to pieces that have been produced for at least 20 years, so those glasses Grandma wore when she was a girl is considered vintage! The retro pieces are inspired by the past, but produced today, that is, that glasses just like the grandma you just bought in the store is retro.

The difference between a vintage piece and a retro one is usually perceived in its appearance. Vintage tends to have use marks and the action of time, while retro has the appearance of new and often comes with modern references.

At the time of putting on a look you can be completely inspired in a decade or invest in the mix of trends, incorporating even modern pieces.

Another icon that serves as inspiration for the 50’s: Dita Von Teese

Hair and makeup also enter into this conversation with the past: until the 60’s, make and hair were more behaved and classics, from the 70’s-it was disco and hippie-the bold colors and cuts began to take care of the visual.