Vintage: Style in Detail

Once Upon A Time…

Says dresses, Bénédicte Mohr, must look as if they have a story to tell. This one clearly meets the criteria: the Empire dress in pink tulle is occupied with Cristalls and is associated with a satin bow on figure. By Goldknopf, approx. 890 euros. Best a classic cut, beige trenchcoat with gold studs fits so much precious ornaments. By < Burberry 1100 euros.

“I like it just old-fashioned”

Bénédicte is Mohr travel a lot, it is her, all the more important that she feel at home can really, when they from their production travels back to Hamburg comes. Pieces from the flea market give their security-Indian drawings, French Garnröllchen, watches, embroidered slippers, pillows…

The antique wardrobe has discovered them in South Africa, it hangs a beige Cardigan of their favorite label Hoss, lined with cotton and a small tulle collar, about 195 euros. The old dressmaker’s dummy right presents pendants from Bénédictes of your own jewelry collection Clair de lune.

“Each Piece In My Apartment Is A Reminder”

The furniture must be distinctive, standing in Bénédictes apartment – as well as the things that hang in her closet. Large sequins and Zotteln makes the short Cardigan. Including, Bénédicte wears a ruffled pink dress. Both of Luisa Cerano, approx. 400 euros and about 290 euros. Boots by Repetto.Stockings: Falke. Jewelry: Clair de lune.

“I’m in love in particular-and Bisou my special dog”

Their bedding sewing Bénédicte from old linen bags with beautiful monograms that she finds at the flea market – and then prefer resting with her roommate Bisou on it. Light grey dress with wide levels of ruffles on the skirt and decorative buttons at the top from H & M, approx. 40 euro. Collarless cropped leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves of chick with guns, approx. 300 euro. Jewelry: Clair de lune.

“My style? Nostalgic, but timeless–as I”

The nostalgic on this cream-coloured Mandarin collar blouse: the elaborate decorative placket and the corset-like cut. The timeless: the fine silk. And the Clou: through the use of transparent, a particularly beautiful bra can shine through sometimes. By Malene Birger, approx. 225 euro. BH: Stella McCartney. 7/8-Bermuda with wrinkles from H & M, approx. 40 euro. Bracelet: Clair de lune.

“My Jewelry Comes From The Gut”

“Au clair de la lune” was the famous song that night vorsang Bénédictes OMA you as a child to fall asleep. After him she her jewellery has named label she founded recently. The love for detail and the little old fashioned is the basic idea. Many of the designs are Indian-inspired, each piece is unique and is packaged lovingly. Top right: Black Onyx and Marcasite pendant. Bottom left: Bracelet and ring in silver and Marcasite in the style of the 20’s. Bottom right: Rings encrusted with Rose Quartz.

The designer wears a lilac, transparent silk Cardigan with wool cuffs and Pearl buttons by Schumacher, approx. 350 euro. Cream-coloured tunic Silk set, approximately 200 euro. Art fur vest: private.

“Maybe I Live In A Different World. But She Like Me This Way”

“I can’t”, says Bénédicte, if you ask them what is their penchant for the offbeat is.You believe her immediately. The nude silk blouse is elaborately embroidered by Pepe jeans, about 100 euros. Consistent with a classic cut light grey wool Blazer by Basler, approximately 330 euro. Jewelry: Clair de lune.