Vodafone Added Additional 1 GB Rates That Activate 4G for 9 Euros

Operators are still shaping their rates 4G for the use of LTE in Spain While continues to expand the coverage according to the planned timetable, being Vodafone the latest to introduce an improvement that attempts to better position its fares against offerings from Orange and Yoigo.

After being the only operator to announce it will apply a cost for the use of 4G of 9 euros per month, We have been able to confirm that when the promotional period is free during the summer, from October 1, Vodafone will include 1 GB additional fees that activate 4G no greater cost than the enjoy LTE.

That, in practice, will result as the obligation to recruit an extra bonus of 1GB to have access to 4G speeds, still valid with all then-current rates and convergent offer against the alternative of Orange bordering the activation to certain fares and Telstra which do not apply any charge or condition although their deployment will be slower.

As an exception, the rates that include 4G free of charge as Network3 and mobile Internet 10 GB continue without charging for access to 4 G and therefore keep the gigas initially included in your rate, being the recruitment of 1 extra GB for 9 euros optional for these cases.

The complete range of rates Vodafone 4 g is follows: