Vodafone Also Shies to Keep Your Attention The Customer Free

Vodafone seems intent on filing some of the most criticized of the operator and the separating of the OMVs, who always knew how to be more adept in offering its users are more demanding.

In the last few weeks, we have seen how Vodafone finally offered its 4G free for all, eliminated tenure rates without terminal, recovered small grants of smartphones and now confirms that it will keep the calls to the customer for free without that will start to be charged from the month of October as planned.

Recovery of excess data, pending issue for Vodafone

After seeing as Movistar reculaba after the uproar raised to know the possibility of that excess in the data rates would be charged rather than continue to reduce speed, Vodafone is in time their steps if it really wants to demonstrate interest in the feedback received to the restpecto the last few weeks.

And as it never rains for everyone’s taste, you prefer that you charge for excess or kill the connection speed? Perhaps that is the question that Vodafone should each user in case of consuming traffic originally included to achieve a rate adapted to the different needs. Or at a minimum that maintains the original conditions that we opted to sign a stay even if that means staying alone in another initiative that his main opponents have not followed.