Vodafone Closes His Release from Verizon, Starts The Round of Shopping Europe

It was a rumor that ran like wildfire since a few days ago and it has finally been confirmed, Vodafone out of the largest US mobile operator, in which until now had a 45% share, a good piece of the pie but that he not provided control of the company.

For more than ten years to Vodafone in Verizon Wireless with a disbursement of about 70,000 million dollars and now is when the company has decided to focus its efforts on other markets with the sale of its part in the American company by 130,000 million dollars.

Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner has long engaged in the consolidation of the European market, with a speech in which constantly mentioned the difference in number of operators, in what seems like a way to invite European operators to reach agreements among themselves to reduce their number.

And Vodafone movement seems geared towards this direction, and that definitely leaves us with box well filled, although not all the collection of his departure from Verizon will be made in cash, which opens the door to a round of purchases by Europe.

ONO and Jazztel, among the possible objectives

Before undertaking the journey transoceanico Vodafone had already acquired Kabel Deutschland, a German with almost 10 million clients and coverage to more than 15 million, for a total of 7,700 million euros Millicom and now might be the time to return to shopping.

Vodafone could choose to have smaller mobile operators, such as Spanish if Yoigo, precisely was for sale but its parent company did not receive any offer attractive enough to sell it, but everything points towards fixed network operators.

The company is aware that there are more customers looking for savings by joining fixed and mobile and in this first aspect is where Vodafone has its more scourge, his scarce presence in the fixed telephony and Internet.

To mitigate this lack two companies seem to be in the crosshairs of the British, Jazztel and ONO. The first, publicly traded, grows vigorously in its mobile and has developing its FTTH deployment plan although your network is mostly ADSL.

The appeal of a turnkey network

More attractive may be ONO, who along with Jazztel is the fastest growing in number of mobile lines, by its broad fixed coverage thanks to its hybrid fiber optic and cable network, What makes it even more attractive when it has announced that it will offer soon 500 Mbps of download.

The only drawback of the Millicom is the strong debt deriving from the investment effort which resulted in the deployment of your network but it can also be a plus, since its present owners, largely risk capital funds, would be happy to get out of ONO.

In summary, Vodafone is a giant that has fresh money so we must be attentive to their next moves, both at European levels as Spaniards, who will seek to consolidate its position in its market of origin after leaving secondary for them.