Vodafone Eliminates Their Rates Stay REDvolucióN If You Do Not Want Mobile

One of the main aspects that tends to differentiate the rates low cost incumbents from the rest of MVNOs is the permanence that involves hiring one of the cheaper rates for Movistar, Vodafone and Orange; permanence mandatory that Telstra was removed months ago and that Vodafone also apply from June 21 If you do not want mobile.

After reducing the ADSL and rate stays more smartphone, the change will affect the range of rates REDvolución (Base and network) for those users who don’t want to new smartphone and are only interested in a rate with no commitments of any kind, bridging differences with operators who have better acceptance according to monthly results of the CMT.

REDvolución rates without permanence available to current and new customers

Rates REDvolución no permanence may be activated if you do not currently have permanence (or are you less than two months to finish it in case of purchasing a smartphone) and will keep the prices that until now were linked to permanence (9, 15, 25, 35, 50 or 70 euros depending on tariff) in Exchange for a cost of high rate of 15 euros.

Users who were enjoying the SIM rates only REDvolución had signed permanence in their time, and maintain it according to the contract but if you decide to unsubscribe, the penalty are equipped to high cost for new customers by reducing it to 15 euros.

For customers with remain in force for a smartphone and while staying non-renewable (6 months before the end of it if you are diamond or 2 months for other customers) only can change to rates “REDvolución classic” that so far it was known to increase 5 euros per month the Base and 8 euros per month the network provided that the total monthly fee is equal to or higher than the commitment made at the time of the purchase of the new mobile.

Vodafone goes for all

Vodafone seems to not want to leave any flank open in your REDvolución with more or less success, the operator is setting its offer flexibly to attack both MVNO’s rates without permanence as a convergent products as Integral and the possibility of renewing mobile with payment by instalments, which will also be available for SIM Only REDvolución starting from the third month.

On the other hand Vodafone will be few operators that maintains its intention to charge by calling customer service and also collect excess data in Base rates but this last aspect is more common among OMVs. Serve you the changes and the flood of publicity about the arrival of the 4G for? recover the pace of growth?