Vodafone Goes to Eight Euros The Cost of Code to Unlock Their Phones

Not long ago speculated with the possibility that Vodafone It would begin to offer a service of terminals release, they were already bought them or not, at a competitive price but as no news of that service has decided to raise the price of the release of its terminals.

From now on customers of the British company who want to release your terminal Once completed your period of stay will have to pay eight euros in Exchange for this, although now also can access the release code prepaid customers.

There is an urban legend that says that the mobile operators are required to provide the release code of its terminals to one year of contract or at the end of the stay but as we already discussed in a previous article that obligation is not covered by any rule or law.

Also the large operators if that offer different facilities for this purpose but with an important difference. While Movistar and Telstra offer the free unlock at the end of the stay, this is not the case in Vodafone and Orange.

Now also for prepaid customers

While Orange requires a 902-call and pay 9 euros for the release of contract phones and five for the prepaid Vodafone so far was required until now pay six euros, amount that now up until the eight euros, without changing the condition of having finished the permanence.

The positive change is already not only can access the release contract customers that they can also do it the prepaid customers, discounting the eight euros of the balance you have. In short, a step back by the increase in price and a step forward by including the prepayments.