Vodafone Improves Your Rate Roaming for Those Who Travel to Portugal

Not even a week ago that it has entered into force the new rate for travel to Vodafone It proposes to continue using your smartphone while roaming outside of Spain but as we have been able to determine, the operator released tomorrow 8 July the new rate to speak and surf in Portugal available exclusively to customers with rates network.

The new rate offers a triple enhancement to the lowering the daily quota to 2.42 euros, Removes the limits of the rate of travel Europe to equal which are Spain with rate network, i.e., unlimited SMS & calls more data matching and also in the national rate will be included the calls from Spain to Portugal.

The only notable difference is that to gain access to these advantages, in addition to the daily fee, must pay at the time of activation of the tariff cost of high 12.10 euros, which will be amortized by saving of 58 cents per day if you are going to use it for more than 20 days.