Vodafone Improves Your Rate to Speak and Surf in Roaming Rates EU Network

Pending a possible elimination of roaming in Europe in the coming years, the month of July comes as every year with adjustment of maximum tariffs in roaming from Brussels in 2013 places them in 24 cents per minute of call made, 7 cents/minute for call received, 8 cents/SMS and 45 cents/MB.

And as it is usual, the operators tend to move prices downspouts to your choices of savings for those who most consumed, being the first to introduce Vodafone improvements in their rate to speak and surf in Europe It debuted a year ago.

Vodafone will keep the price of 4 euros per day of use and conditions of 20 minutes a day (received or called), 20 SMS and 20 MB for your customers with Base rates while wide limits for customers of NETWORK rates, for the same daily cost, where they may consume per month up to 1,000 minutes, 1,000 SMS and 1 GB but not limited to daily so far.

The improvement will be available from June 21 for freelancers and companies with rates Network Pro, being both private clients amortizable with surf 9 MB a day or just talk about 16 minutes if we take into account the rates that are applied by default in case of not hiring rate to speak and surf in Europe network.