Vodafone Joins Forces with Napster Offering Music without Limits by Seven Euros Per Month

For large operators not everything is to have the best rates and the latest smartphones at the best possible price, as already demonstrated in his day Movistar yoigo wresting an agreement with Spotify through which clients benefit from Premium accounts at discounted price.

And it is this war opened by secondary services Vodafone already has a new ally, the resurrected Napster which has now returned to life as a music service in streaming, and the clients of the operator can access with advantageous conditions.

Napster, one of the first P2P programs in history, has returned to life in the form of music streaming service and currently has with more than 20 million available songs, offering the possibility of accessing them from various mobile devices (Android and iOS) either with or without an Internet connection.

The service has a regular price of 9.95 euros per month, with the first month’s free trial, but with the agreement reached between the service and Vodafone customers of the latter may access it by seven euros per month (8.05 euros VAT included) that are loaded on the operator Bill.

The first thing for Vodafone customers is to apply for first month free but be careful, after this month if the customer does not request the low will be accepting the automatic renewal of subscription to Napster, therefore paying the next seven euros for the music service. The free trial does not imply any permanence by what the not happy will be able to unsubscribe without having paid a EUR.

Therefore we find ourselves with a rival for Movistar and Spotify Alliance, Premium account by 6.03 euros a month VAT included for 24 months, which opens a new front of mobile battle between operators, will you point any operator to this contest?