Vodafone Not Be Charged Excess Data Fees, at The Moment

The market of mobile telephony is in a profound transformation after the arrival of operators low cost with a fall in prices that has not always been associated with good news for users making that they jump the alarms by possible contagion to the rest of operators whenever any proposed some risky change that breaks with all that we had become accustomed.

The end of the mobile Movistar grants was a courageous example of how these changes are quickly spreading among the competition when a second operator accepts to follow the same rules, and which inevitably recall when Vodafone returned to cause to the market announcing their intention to charge excess data in its rates Base rather than reduce speed.

A charge of 2 euro each 100 MB which initially would enter into force on June 1, 2013 but before the passivity of similar responses from competitors, Vodafone decided to delay until October 1, although as we learned in Engadget Mobile, Finally Vodafone lie back down and continue reducing the speed to 64 Kbps indefinitely.

Hiding behind the needs of its customers, Vodafone continue without charging excess data in a promotional manner, opening the door to that in the future they can do warning a month in advance, although marked by competitors today does not seem to go down that road so hopefully that Vodafone will not you give that advantage at a time of such competitiveness which we have already seen it back in the collection of calls to attention the customer or for having enabled 4 G.

Movistar was wavering about what to do about closing the case without charging excess in Exchange for a drastic reduction to 16 Kbps to make users that decide to sail at full speed paying excess while Orange and Telstra opted not to make changes in the excess of their new rates data.