Vodafone Reduces a 10% Revenue But Rises Spending Average Per Client

We are all aware that not good times in regards to number of mobile phone customers to Vodafone in Spain, with thousands of lines lost each month, together with the crisis has made that revenues are down 10% year on year in the covered quarter between April and June this year.

But despite these negative data, the British company has presented results that in some ways if they are positive, as the growth in the average income of each client or the further adoption of its new Base and network rates.

Vodafone saw its revenue from services fell a 10.6% compared to the previous year even though the ARPU, the average income performs monthly each client stood in 20.2 euros per month, What suggests that customer base fell, reaching a total of 14.159.000 customers.

The more positive point which sees Vodafone of its results is the adoption rates dropped in the last part of last year, taking the Base and network, associating 903,000 new lines already coming up to 2.409.000 lines.

Vodafone also has with a high percentage of contract customers, 68%, these usually being that more spending, and also returned to raise the percentage of clients of the operator with a smartphone, already 55% of all.

With these data the company bet in the next few months by current mobile tariffs, which recently modified its conditions to be able to hire them without permanence not to acquire a smartphone, its 4G network deployment and the beginning of the deployment of FTTH in search of continue to grow in convergent products.