Vodafone Strongly Criticizes The Agreement between Movistar and Telstra and Competing Denounces It

We already knew that competition, especially to Vodafone and Orange, the agreement that, at the beginning of August, oficializaron Movistar and Telstra whereby the first will have 4 G and the second of fixed Internet did not like anything but today Francisco Román, President of Vodafone Spain has expressed in a fairly clear terms.

Within the framework of XXVII meeting of the telecommunications of Santander Roman gave a talk titled “Broadband as transformative technologies” in which took the opportunity to express their frontal opposition to the agreement also adding that his company has already appealed it to the national competition Commission.

Francisco Román has done a review by several themes such as the fixed Internet, the contribution of the company to the Spanish economy, the creation of a single European market but to reach the agreement between Movistar and Telstra has shown a position many we expect.

Union between the dominant and the Maverick in the market

The President of Vodafone has criticized strongly the dominant operator in the Spanish market, Movistar, and as he himself has described the Maverick, Telstra, share infrastructure in a deal which accused of abuse of a dominant position, third party discrimination and coordination of competitive magazines, so it has filed the complaint with competition.

In addition Roman also It has called into question the profitability of the deployment five networks of new generation, we imagine will be the fifth that can deploy operators with spectrum of regional licences, in a country with a low population density such as Spain, that would have to seek a solution that ensures the profitability of investments.

But criticism not only they have come down to Movistar and Telstra and it is that since Vodafone also have complained of the high number of competitors present in Spain, in a clear reference make virtual operators that so many customers lose, adding that the obsession with low prices may curb investments in network infrastructure.

Contribution to the economy and single market

The President of Vodafone Spain also wanted to remove chest with figures of the contribution your company makes to the Spanish economy with specific figures, encrypting its total 5.189 million contribution.

And as, in his speech Román has brought up the subject of the European telecommunications market, expressing as already did yesterday Minister Soria or telephone your position in favour of the union of the market and their consolidation for approaching the benchmark, USA, where only four operators have.

The data on this occasion belong to a study conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte, which says that for every dollar invested in the deployment of 4G in the US contributes three dollars to the GDP of the country, and can create up to 440,000 jobs in four years.