Vodafone Wallet Will Allow to Pay from Your Mobile This Fall

After already a long time talking and knowing different test pilot of payment via mobile phone, Vodafone It launches its own platform of mobile payment through Vodafone Wallet that can be make payments with only approach the mobile any of the 250,000 TPV technology of contactless payment (contactless) you’ll find scattered throughout Spain.

With the aim of replacing coins, banknotes and plastic cards that require a PIN or a signature to validate the purchase, Vodafone Wallet in return offers simplicity, speed and security in shopping by mobile phone with the following characteristics:

  • The service makes use of the NFC technology so if you have a smartphone without this technology, an NFC sticker that adheres to the mobile and enables it to make payments may be requested.
  • It is necessary to download the app”Vodafone SmartPass”that manage your virtual cards and that comes enabled with a prepaid Visa card so any Vodafone customer can begin to make payments but also, before the end of the year, you can add credit cards issued by other financial institutions.
  • To make payments, it won’t lack PIN to 20 EUR payments but the limit can be set.
  • It will also be possible to make direct money transfer other users SmartPass knowing only their mobile phone number.
  • Vodafone Wallet will be completed with agreements with third parties to facilitate the incorporation of discount coupon and loyalty programs in 2014.

Do you think that the mobile payments will be the next inseparable companion of our smartphones?