Vodafone Will Sell Mobile Free and Release The Old Free of Charge

At this point, it seems that sell locked phones that only work in an operator does not have too much sense. Movistar, in September of last year, was the first operator that operates in Spain to announce the end of operator locks and the sale of free terminals. It was then followed by Orange. This fashion Vodafone adds now, the company this morning has announced.

Starting from the coming week, the operator will be on sale free terminals, beginning this journey with the new LG G3. Any person to use, regardless of the operator you can buy phones to Vodafone. Ensure that this initiative “will be extended progressively to all new phones sold by Vodafone”. At the moment they have not offered more details about prices and payment methods.

And what happens with old customers who have terminals blocked SIM? So far, once past the time of permanence in the terminal, these could request the release of the same in a process that could extend for weeks sometimes. Today, and with the changes that just insert Vodafone says that unlocking a phone will be as simple as apply through My Vodafone. This possibility will be available from July and will be free for all customers.