Vodafone Yu: It Comes to Contract for 2 Euros More Than Announced But with 500 MB Additional

Month and a half at press conference after announcing ago the arrival of Vodafone yu: contract, It will be from August 1 when the end will be available for activation though it will come with some variations with respect to presented initially.

The alternative more low cost Vodafone and aimed at young people, finally included calls Unlimited other Yu: whether of card or contract, 200 minutes to other destinations, unlimited SMS to all and 1.5 GB at maximum speed with reduction of speed to 64 Kbps until November 1 that apply by default 2 euro each additional 100 MB with possibility of hiring extra bonuses of data of 500 MB for 5 euros or 1 GB for 9 euros.

Available to current and new customers

Vodafone yu: contract inherited conditions of REDvolución rates which will be available to existing and new clients No permanence in Exchange for a fee of €15 high.

The monthly fee will be of 22 euros for new and current customers no permanence for existing customers with existing permanence, the fee will be 27 euros a month pending its commitment on Vodafone.

Compatible with payment by instalments, but not with other discounts

Vodafone yu: contract will be compatible with all ranges of the payment samrtphones and with 4G although its profile low cost, makes it incompatible with other discounts such as Vodafone Integral, Vodafone at home, mobile Internet, second lines other saving modules.

The complete range of Special rates Vodafone is follows:

Promotion with unlimited calls to all Vodafone

As a launch promotion, the calls to all Vodafone (whether or not a rate yu:) they will be free and unlimited until November 3. A promotion that Vodafone customers will also enjoy yu: but in that case, with free calls only to Vodafone prepaid contract.