Vtech Light and Sound Mobile

The viking small already had a super mobile of the comforters & company brand, but Santa brought her the Lumi’ wonder of Vtech. It fell very well: two days after my baby clung on with all his strength to his mobile one day when I lifted it and the plastic base broke…


The Lumi’ wonder can cling at the edge of the crib or be placed on a piece of furniture. It projected on the ceiling of the very adorable images, with a teddy bear, clouds, stars…

It issues at the same time sounds with two possibilities. The first is music, starting with “Make bed” then more classic melodies, like “the Ode to joy.” The second are noises of nature, water, birds, very relaxing sounds.

To implement road, when it is on ‘on’, simply press on the big bear. It is possible to adjust the volume and choose if it will remain on 5 or 10 minutes

What We Like

For us, the effect of the projection is really successful! As the viking kid has a mosquito net, small drawings do scroll in the circle it forms above the bed. Our daughter loves, it’s her passion.

The fact that you can adjust the volume is very significant. I find that the intensity of the sound of toys for babies is sometimes ill-suited to their fragile ears!

It is also fine to adjust the operating time, depending on the time of sleep of baby. For a baby who falls asleep quickly a mobile that runs longer can prevent him from getting his sleep and instead, for a baby who takes time to fall asleep, he can have his mobile phone for a little while.

It also allows us to keep a ritual sunset different day and night. For the little viking, the day we choose the music option and the night option sound of nature, calmer.

I think it can definitely serve a larger child, who is sometimes afraid in the night. As I said, it is very simple to get started, simply press on the bear. The child, if he wakes can turn it on and have a light and comforting sounds! So, I think we will keep him a little time!

Finally, the price is quite affordable and it is available in several colors! Ours is Blue (€16 at Amazon) but there are also pink  (€12.90) and a Hello Kitty version  (€15.66)!

Little Less

I found no real flaw in the light ‘ wonder. The only small downside is that batteries them which are supplied with did not long fire (only two weeks, it seems). In addition, when they begin to be weak, mobile emits a small ROAR as long as it is not turned off.Nothing of monstrous, it didn’t hires our daughter to sleep! But as it is possible to test in the store, I think he turned a moment before being bought, that explains that.

In short, recommend, for all the options it offers. It is a very good compromise between the mobile and the pilot light.