Wall Decorations for Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where our children spend most of their time and focus much of their activities. That’s why the bedroom should reflect in all respects, in the furniture and its complements, the personality and the needs of its small inhabitants.

And the needs of children can be summarized as: joy, dynamism, color.

The bedroom should be a happy and fun place because in it are focused children’s games; It must be prepared The dynamic, ie it must ensure the possibility of moving its small inhabitants, with little bulky items and maximally functional; the color is essential in the bedroom because it instills well-being and positive for children.

On colored walls of the room, increasingly, the most current design modern recommend using wall stickers, to further enrich this environment in terms of fantasy and decoration, creating an entirely at your child’s size.

Animals, flowers, plants, comic book heroes, cartoon characters and many other responsible parties, come into bedroom in the form of 3D wall stickers, to make company to our children realizing their dreams and their fantasies.

With the set Nursery Wall Art Zoo you can bring the fascinating animals at home jungle.

Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippopotamus, Ostrich, Pelican, all portrayed as a comic, with funny and smiling faces, to create a very special combination of elements of nature and fun.

The set of Wall Art is the ideal proposal to play in the bedroom the magical atmosphere of the zoo, where children will always carry with great curiosity, coming home after seeing the animals to them so dear, with many memories and a large smile.

The most romantic and suitable for the girls’ bedroom, for the prevalence of tones and shades of pink, the September Flowers and Birds Cartoon with frames for photos of Ufengke.

It is a series of wall stickers, capable of composing a flowering branch on the wall, full of flowers and leaves, on which are placed two colorful yellow owls and from which hang through cute pink ribbons, colorful frames in which to enter the photos more beautiful of our children.

A proposal gentle, sentimental, original, to combine cleverly colors, nature and memories.

When our children are passionate time to a fictional character and start collecting anything to feel him close, one possible way for us parents to make our children happy, it takes his picture in the bedroom.

The fantastic Minion of the famous Despicable Me series have become beautiful wall decorations with the proposed Uk – Xpress – Shop.

A set of 5 Minion, made ​​of vinyl, each of width 35 to 25cm in length, portraits in different locations, each with its inseparable work tools, colorful, funny and entertaining.

An accessory designed to give a smile to the little ones who love saga Despicable Me and become involved, at least with fantasy, the hilarious adventures of Minion.