Wall Decorations Room

The bedroom is the most intimate and private of each house. In the bedroom we find the objects and accessories which are important to us and help us make this unique and special place.

Customizing your room is a requirement that sound every landlord, to tell himself, to be surrounded by beautiful things that instil wellbeing and serenity.

Among the more modern and more creative tools to customize the modern bedroom there are definitely the wall decorations.

Flowers, hearts, written in praise of love, multiform and multicolored compositions, depending on the needs and tastes, they replace the more traditional picture placed on the headboard of the bed (often representing religious subjects) and go to create a romantic corner and evocative.

A true declaration of strong and creative love that proposed by Ufengke: “PS: I Love You”.

It can be compared to any surface and is easy to apply, remove and reuse. Made in black and white, perfectly suited to the colorful wallsto put maximally stressed.

It is written simply and directly from the deep meaning and romantic: “PS: I love you.”

A passionate statement to make it unique and special one wall of our love nest.

Diverse and striking the other proposal Ufengke with the set of wall stickers Black City.

An entire urban landscape to be dialed with wall stickers, made ​​in black and white, and characterized by the presence of skyscrapers, palaces and bottom monumental structures, birds in flight at the top arranged in a circle, to surround an inscription in black and white flavor sentimental: “The Love Beautiful Flight”, or “The Marvelous Flights of Love.”

A wall composition that cleverly combines the strength and modernity of a metropolitan setting, with romance sparked by a flock of birds in flight glorifying love.

The set of wall stickers Black City proves the ideal tool to customize your own bedroom with an original message, modern and impact.

The bedroom is also a privileged place in which to collect and exhibit items related to our memories and experiences.

Photos, souvenirs from our travels, accessories donated by friends and relatives for their special occasions…, all that is dear and family find a prominent place in our room.

Also through sophisticated mural compositions for the bedroom you can preserve the memory and put the focus of our memories.

Just think of the proposal Soledì with September with Tree Black Photo Frame.

A set of wall stickers to compose on the wall above the bed a stylized black tree, with long branches and leaves ornaments, among which stand out of the largest leaves, of rectangular shape, always in black, which become no more than the frames to the center of which exhibit our most cherished photos.

An original proposal, stationery, which proves indispensable for lovers of ornamental decorations as well as photos, glorifying the past and the precious gift of memory.