Want to Wear a Hat? Inspired in the Style

Many men here in Brazil still have some old thinking in relation to the hat. In fact, the former not because it makes the head many men since the dawn of history. One of the first hats to be described in the story was found in a painting in a tomb at Thebes, in Egypt, and shows a worker with a straw hat. For this, he is considered one of the first menswear and accessories as part of the garment, as well as the other parts, it is essential that you try before you buy.

Stories aside, what counts is knowing how to use this piece to your favor because she can give you a lot of style. I chose two good examples of men who carry a hat like nobody’s business: the actor Jhonny Deep and the singer Justin Timberlake. Note that the attention is the ease with which they use this accessory. The worst thing is you feel uncomfortable using any piece of clothing. The hats with wider tabs have a footprint more ethnically and when have accessories like the actor Jhonny Deep are even better, with more personality.

Already the singer Justin Timberlake prefers models with smaller tabs. What does well because, unlike Jhonny Deep that has the face squarer, Justin has the most elongated face. The minor fall tabs better. The material can be velvet Hat straw. The best productions of the singer is the accessory seems to be part of the look without forçação.

If you think it’s strange, it’s worth at least a try! Look in the mirror and see how this item can leave your image more cool. But beware, if you intend to use your hat at work it is better to consult the company’s dress code or use your common sense. Check out the collection at diseaseslearning.com.