Watch Trends – Small Sizes

Watches are a topic we at Manolo has been relatively poor at monitoring. As one of the most important wardrobe accessories, it is time to give the subject the focus it deserves. That is why we are extra happy today to announce the first article from the clock expert Michael Englund, who, among other things, runs the Clock blog at, and which in the future will write about the time trends and stylish wrist watches here at Manolo. First off, the size of the watch where it after several years of sizing unit now seems to be a trend reversal.

In the watch industry is a new movement afoot. A fair and reasonable reaction against the late 00 ‘s size hysteria, just as when 80-century watches were pain and smooth after 70 ‘s colourful, big and expressive design. Large-storlekstrenden got and nourishment in the mid-nineties, not least with Panerai’s attention by Sylvester Stallone and the exposure that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the model that has been the trend for today’s luxury port watches; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. After the year before last, last or peakat (with clocks in the span between 47 and 50 millimetres) is a consensus in the industry that the sizes now come down again. Something that not only should delight even the most finely tuned gentlemen.

The reason is of course not fully pronounced, but off the record, you hear often to main markets (and, not least, the lion’s share of customers in the really exclusive market segment) slowly but surely moves East–where customers tend to have clear thinner wrists than in European or American market. The trend right now in favour stable and innovative sport watches in the luxury segment, which creeps down in size, but with functionality and stuk as oversizesyskonen, which we welcome. Below we see three examples of sporty watches from the major brands who sneaks down in size.

When Audemars Piguet at the SIHH last winter released the long awaited the diver in the Offshore series, it was more like raised eyebrows over the “just” was 42 mm wide, and it was with a mixture of anticipation and amazement that an even bigger bang was released–a Offshore chronograph in unisexiga 37 mm.

Panerai’s slightly more well-dressed and stripped-down model Radiomir, a classic with its 47 mm big kuddformade case, was also shown at the SIHH in a new variant-it to 42 mm and with a reduced tobacco Brown dial equipped roséguldssnyggingen PAM336. It is not only the breadth that PAM336 is interesting and in time, but also on the height; inside the ticking and Panerai’s newly developed ultra thin (a trend we will come back to) baskaliber p. 999.

Hublot, which might have been the most driven in sizing the race in recent years with its fusion watches at up to 48 mm, have the last month opted to present a “real” 38 mm-variation of the Big Bang with machine works, complete with model’s interesting and innovative materials.

Here you will find Michael’s own blog.