Watches and Jewelery By Just Cavalli

Special occasions require a special outfit. So what attracts woman, if she is invited to a filmpreiere, attends the inauguration of a new scene bar or just wants to be in the spotlight?

Sure, the little black always fits. But also the color, with which one is supposed to do nothing wrong, is sometimes simply too boring. So what is the outfit then pepples? Of course the matching jewelery or a conspicuous clock!

The Italian timepiece designer Roberto Cavalli, who recently made a name for himself through his cooperation with a young, Swedish model set in Germany, has created a stunning and fashionably absolutely fashionable watch and jewelery collection with his young designer brands Just Cavalli Time and Just Cavalli Jewels Certainly provide some sight or other. Even the names of the collections, such as “Dragon”, “Amuleto” or “Snake”, tell a lot about the style and style of the watches and jewelery, and make clear where Roberto Cavalli is the source of his inspiration. Brilliant colors combined with large, curved shapes make the pieces unique and thus ensure the extra touch!