Watches: The Fruit Collection of Lke

Are you looking for some interesting news for your summer? Do you want to impress with an accessory unique and chic? So make yourself comfortable and discover with us the new proposals Ike for spring summer 2010, it is a collection of silicone watches, light, practical and comfortable that have the fragrant straps, each of us can choose the scent they prefer among the many that the fashion brand offers us. The watches of Ike Fruit collection are perfect for women of all ages, some in theory should also be good for men but perhaps not something pleasing to the wrist of a man smells of strawberries!

The Fruit Collection Ike is a viable alternative and tasty to the myriad ofwatches that we get ognu day, those in vintagematters in particular is a very widespread trend, and every brand you invent something special to surprise us like the watches in silicone Ops Objects or those of Smarty Love collection with hidden messages.

The watches of the Ike Fruit Collection are available in 12 colors and in 5 fragrances, the dial can choose white or black and the strap on the other hand between as many as 12 different colors, the dial is interchangeable in order to ensure maximum customization.

The watches Fruit Collection of Ike are cute and perfect to wear throughout the year, in particular d ‘summer that our wrists are in plain view, are an excellent gift idea for girls of all ages, from teenagers to the girls, to mature women who want to be fashionable and witty.