We Tested: New Yahoo Mail on the iPad

The Yahoo launched on Tuesday (17) the new version of specially optimized webmail client for the iPad. I abandoned my Yahoo Mail in favor of Gmail’s been a few years but could not fail to see how was the new interface. How could it be, my main reference for comparison is, of course, the popular Gmail (in its version optimized for the iPad). Let the analysis.

The new incarnation of Yahoo Mail for iPad uses the best that HTML5 and JavaScript has to offer to present you a site with visual native app. By the way, as well as Gmail for iPad, the main inspiration for the interface is Mail.app itself, which comes with every iPad.

Put simply, this means that we have, in the main view, two columns: your e-mail list on the left and the e-mail being read right. When the iPad is in portrait orientation you can choose to keep the way of two columns or see only the email by selecting full screen.

I did not think Yahoo Mail as fast and smooth as Gmail, but the difference is not enough to be very significant, is very small. It may be because Gmail has a visual simpler, while Yahoo Mail tries to be a little more visually refined, more colors and transparencies.

With regard to functionality, Yahoo Mail has some pretty interesting. Your search, for example, is much more complete than in Gmail. Yahoo can get not only messages, but also attachments, or more specifically, attached images. And besides, the webmail offers search suggestions based on your contacts or subjects dealt with in your emails.

Another interesting feature is the preview images attached. You can see them in aslideshow -style lightbox before opening them in a new tab.

In the gallery above you could check how was the look of the new Yahoo Mail, as well as an image of Gmail on the iPad for comparative purposes. To see for yourself, just open the browser on an iPad and go to the address http://mail.yahoo.com (use the “br” version of the URL will take you only to the traditional interface). The new interface is available in Portuguese.

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