Wearing a Skinny Tie with a Suit

Today, things have become a little more complicated for men. There is a new level of consciousness and social connectivity that created an atmosphere where the fear of being considered is a part of everyday life. Take for example the male fashion. Not long ago, a T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap sufficed as a complete wardrobe for most guys. With the advent of metrosexuality and Ryan Seacrest, many men are now trying a little harder to be elegant. skinny ties have made a comeback in recent times fade after their heyday in the 1960s, but their resurgence has given men an easy way to be stylish and sophisticated.

Be Cool: Match the costume with tie

When you choose a narrow tie to wear, remember to match the combination you will wear with. Wear your skinny tie with a suit equipped with trim that is sleek and sharp. If you go with a simple look like a black suit with a white shirt, wear a simple black tie. But if you wear a shiny suit with a flashy shirt, make sure the tie is too flashy. Skinny ties are small enough as it is;do not let them be muffled.

Lose the suit and wear the tie outside the comfort zone

You should not wear a suit to remove a skinny tie look, as estatelearning suggests. Increasingly we see celebrities wearing skinny ties with jeans and a blazer or sweaters. Justin Timberlake and Michael Cera are excellent examples of guys who do not hide their skinny ties without a suit. It is a great way to dress up a casual look without being too formal. Girls tend to like it too.

Keep It Classy and remember who was first

skinny ties are a timeless classic worn by icons like the Beatles and the Rat Pack. Remember that when you wear your skinny tie. Do not try to be silly with it and make a joke of it by wearing a suit zoot or dirty jeans. Skinny ties are to make an outfit and timeless class, so dress for a casual chic style or to capture the coolness of Frank Sinatra in a fitted suit. Use common node with your skinny tie to get the perfect elegant look. The top two nodes are the four-in-hand knot and the half Windsor knot. See the Resources section for instructions on how to link these two nodes.

Losing the tie Shit

When you know how to look great in a skinny tie, there might be a temptation to wear it all the time. Well, please do not. Just because it looks great does not mean you should wear it wherever you go. If you have a suit with wide lapels, do not force the narrow tie in the eyes, because you’ll look like an idiot. There are many opportunities to wear your skinny tie, but the abuse, it will be boring and take pleasure out of it. When there is more a refreshing change to your daily look, there’s a good chance you have brought to his home.