Wedding Dresses: Tips And Inspirations For Guests

Choosing a dress to wear at a wedding is always a complicated task. The doubt arises and it is not known if the dress chosen will be suitable for the ceremony. And even today there are parties in the most different places and at times that do not help at all when choosing.

The doubts are more than normal and every woman ends up going through a tremendous indecision when choosing the dress she will wear.

 But according to image and style consultant Juliana Burlamaqui, three items should be taken into account when deciding which dress to wear: the time, location and climate on the wedding day.

“The ideal dress is one that is appropriate for that particular party, which is in accordance with the personal style, age and physical type of the woman,” adds Juliana, adding that women can not forget their personal tastes and Which looks best for your age and your physical type.

Evening Wedding Dress

It has become very common to hold weddings by day, whether at lunchtime or late afternoon and when there is sunshine involved, the doubt becomes even greater about which dress to choose. Is it appropriate to use glitter? Or dressed in dark tones?

“For daytime weddings the guest should avoid brightness, very dark colors such as black, for example, and very fair lengths,” is Juliana’s opinion. The long is allowed as long as it is flowing, light fabrics in pastel, stamped or colored. The important thing is to create a light and suitable look for the day.

Brightness should not be avoided in applications as well as in fabric choice. “Be careful with some fabrics that, although they have neither glitter nor embroidery, the surface itself is already gleaming like taffeta,” advises the consultant.

Also avoid using excessive transparency and very fair and sexy dresses, this also does not suit a wedding day. Choose the income and floral that, in addition to being romantic, perfect for these occasions.

Evening Wedding Gown

Evening wedding is the ideal event for you to shine and put to play your most beautiful dress according to seafordecommerce. Everything is allowed here. “At a night wedding you can dare more. Shines , long structured, black, more sophisticated jewelry, “reveals Juliana.

The basic little black is always a good option, but do not forget to add an extra charm to get out of the common place and get even more incredible. Invest in an incredible shoe, plus that accessory that will make you shine.

Colors and prints are also allowed, as long as there is something more to make your production more increased. Necklines and transparencies make a little girl look and add a touch of woman, which has everything to do with wedding night. Of course always respecting your tastes and your style.

There is no problem also of using long, even if invited. If you do not want to be exaggerated, opt for longs with no sparkles, which helps give a sharp accent on the luxury of clothing. It is also important to consider where the event will be, since even some night weddings happen in simpler places, and then the long may be too much.

Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

If you have had the honor of being chosen as the maid of honor, it is time for you to invest in astunning dress to match the invitation. For your choice do not make a mistake, be sure to take into account the place and time of the party.

Asking the bride about her preferences is always a good option and will help you when choosing the ideal dress. “Everything will depend on the will of the bride. Usually it is she who suggests, “stresses Juliana.

If the bride wants the bridesmaids to wear long, it is good to wear a dress of that length. There are also brides who make demands on the color of the dress that the bridesmaids wear, so it is always important to always question them about their preferences.

“What is not indicated is the use of black and dresses that are close to white like, off White, ivory, raw,” guides the consultant. From the rest, everything is set free. You can use sparkles, transparencies, lace and choose the dress that suits you best.

Dress For Grooms Mothers

Being a mother of one of the bride and groom is, as well as getting married, a unique moment and, thus, the doubts turn out to be immense and the choice of the ideal dress is an almost impossible mission. However, there is always a dress that will suit you and will be perfect for the occasion.

It is also a good idea for mothers to know the rules of the bridesmaids and to follow this line when choosing the dress. The dress has to be dazzling, but no more than the bride’s, since the day is hers, and so the white or colors close to that hue should also be avoided, as Juliana reinforces.

“Mothers of brides should avoid very low-cut dresses and also the color black,” is another guidance of the consultant. “Rose tea, burgandy, blue oil and bronze are great color choices for the grooms’ mothers,” suggests Juliana.

Sleeved dresses are also great because they can hide the arms that often bothers mature women.Transparency may also not be a good option. In contrast, the glow should be used, if the ceremony allows, to illuminate and give a touch of elegance to the dress of that special day.

Cheap Wedding Dress For Guests: Where To Find?

As if all the doubts about the model were not enough, there is always the fear of spending more than she could to get that beautiful dress. However, know that there are several online stores that offer dazzling dresses and at cool prices.

Some of these stores do not stay in Brazil and, therefore, take some months to deliver the dress.Programming is all in that hour and choosing the ideal dress with some time in advance may be the key not to spend too much at that time.

There are also some options of national stores that offer dresses in mind and they are gorgeous and super modern. For that, that relentless pursuit is the solution. To make your life easier, here’s a list of the stores you can look for for your ideal wedding dress:

It is worth mentioning that when buying in stores with multiple sellers, it is advisable to investigate the reputation of the same before making a purchase. In addition, for overseas purchases, the value of the freight should be included in the calculation of the tax that must be paid for the importation in the vast majority of cases. Buying a dress from international stores should be a studied and planned decision so that there are no regrets.

Other options are to look in specific Facebook bazaars of your city, as there is always someone wanting to let go of little used party dresses or even once. In addition, it pays to rent out the rental and dress shops, your perfect outfit may be waiting for you in any of them.

Hair And Makeup For Wedding Guests

Hair and makeup are as important as choosing the dress. Hair that adorns the face and complements the dress, helps create a harmonious and appropriate look. Already the makeup makes you shine and defines the strong points of your face, in addition to highlighting its beauty.Here are some tips for you to take the time to choose your hairstyle and make-up:


For you to choose the ideal hair it is important to take into consideration the model of your dress.If it has too many details at the top, it is best to opt for simple or imprisoned hairstyles. If the model has a neckline or some detail on the back and you want it to appear, two options are interesting: the hair stuck or the hair thrown to the side.

If you have simpler dresses without many details, you can caprichar in the hairstyle. Cachos, waves, volume, braids, half trapped, diva hair, anything goes. “The more natural the hairstyle, the more elegant it will be. Beware of those very elaborate hairstyles that besides being ‘over’ will leave you with a not jovial appearance, “says Juliana.

Here’s a list of the most beautiful hairstyles you can choose to wear at a wedding:

Make up

The choice of makeup should be made to match the occasion and also with the whole look. If the ceremony is by day, opt for lighter makeup and without too much glitter. “At night the makeup may be stronger, brighter. The black eye works great especially for blondes, “is the advice of the consultant.

Capriche when preparing the skin, make a striking eye with neat lashes and choose a lipstick to look perfect with your skin tone. That way, there is no mistaking and you will look beautiful without much effort. If you like to dare, it’s worth everything, since at the end you look in the mirror and see a look that makes you happy.

Want some makeup tips? Here are some things that will help you when deciding what makeup to do and how to do it:

Inspire Yourself In The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Want to have more inspirations to choose your ideal dress for weddings? Below a sequence of images with the most beautiful dresses used by bloggers. Check it out and be inspired: