Welcome Back To The 70s: Pants Are Back

Already through the “Trendhose” of the spring/summer season, the Culotte, our beloved Skinny and Boyfriend Jeans have gotten serious competition! 

The autumn belongs to another trousers section, which is not as a whole new release, but more charming and absolutely changeable to the leg staples: Pants are back!

The pants with the wide-open stock give us a lot of fashionable leg clearance on time for the Seventies revival and, as a variant, from a variety of materials from denim to velvet and cord to the hippie and disco era! In our trend-check you will find out what’s new about shorts and how to make the fashionable trousers look retro in a multi-faceted style!

The New Strings-Styles And Stationery With The Hottest Pants Cut Of The Autumn

The 70s are one of the most groundbreaking style decades, which are always cited and reinterpreted in fashion. Pants were on the international runways of one of the themes for the autumn/winter season! The trousers, which feature a narrow fit on the hip and thighs as well as a downwardly extending leg, have long been back in great material and even variety.

We have summarized the most important facts about the hip-hop styles for you:

The materials Not just the classic, the denim shorts, is one of our hottest autumn favorites!Striking velvet or cord (particularly beautiful in warm earth and spice tones or noble Bordeaux) conquered the catwalks and, thanks to their tactile peculiarity, put an extraordinary accent in our wardrobe. They make the skilfully patterned and material mix even in everyday life quite simple: For example, we wear an elegant silk blouse, a cuddly fake fur vest, a sleeveless blazer or a rocking leather jacket With retro appeal. Particularly unusual and supersexy: pants made of soft nappa or smooth leather or as a vegan synthetic leather version!

The stylist Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Cher, Liz Taylor, Faye Dunaway: We take a look at thebig bangers glamor of the 70s! For this purpose, we prefer primarily to show off-cut denim pants in dark or un-energized washes and combine them with elegantly casual tops such as tunics, blouses or narrow roll-neck sweaters as well as large jewelery. The trouser collar, like the footwear, must be high, which stretches the silhouette! When the length of the trouser legs make sure that they cover the shoes almost completely.

Who are the percussions? The great thing about the different types of breeches: they stand for every figurine type! Together with high shoes, the cut of the trouser legs lengthens the legs visually and, thanks to the stroke, also deflects from a strong thigh section. As a hip high-waist variation, percussions are also perfect for those who want to conceal a small tummy.

What to wear? Feminine and sexy cut and yet so uncomplicated and changeable style-for that we love percussions! Perfect combos for the 70s revival are fine-knit roll-ons, sleek blouses made of flowing materials such as silk or chiffon, narrow-cut blazers or even cool jackets like blousons, jeans or leather jackets (like suede and fringes for extra 70s-Flair). T-Shirts (supercool: Bandshirts with print and rolled up sleeves) or tank tops, the new Flared Leg Pants can even look really rocking!

Pants Stylish Tips For Outfits With A Successful Retro Charm

Dos For The Perfect Look:

To play with the silhouette: In order to achieve the best possible combination of striking suit, the best is to use narrow tops that perfect the play between width and length. Close-fitting parts shape the silhouette and put the pants in the center of the outfit.

Materials like Grobstrick or Fake Fur bring volume (and autumn cuddlyness) in percussive styles. Especially beautiful-and also another 70s quote-for example in the form of vests or cardigans, which are worn over a narrow top like a blouse or a rolli.

Experts complete the percussive look with Oversize parts such as long blazers or waistcoats, long coats or a fluently cut dress or an airy hippie tunic.

Opulent jewelry, cowboy, ethno or hippie accents like fringes, large graphic or floral patterns, sequins or embroidery, warm spice and earth tones, but also bright colors combined with classic denim blue: everything that fashionably the wit of the 70s , Is allowed to join the new drumming pants, making her a cool and feminine masterpiece of feminine retro elegance.

Don’ts, Which Must Be Observed During The Shaping Of The Drums:

The right shoes are the essence of shaping your shorts! Perfect for the flared pants are shoes with heels , because they stretch the leg. “Klobige” sandals or boot boots with block heels (especially in warm colors like Cognac or Bordeaux) fit perfectly under the blow, equally high ankle boots or wedge heel espadrilles, which give the look an extra 70s touch.

Our ‘flat’ shoes, such as ballerinas, lace-up shoes or sneakers, which are otherwise so popular because of their comfort, can be used for a round-the-neck shaping. The only exception is flat leather sandals that give the look a casual hippie note as well as college shoes or canvas high tops that add flappies to preppy coolness or rocky sportiness depending on the outfit.

The trousers legs have to be long enough for the perfect percussions look so that they almost cover the footwear. Only the toe and the heel “lugen” under the trousers.

If the tops are too wide, the silhouette will be fluffy-Oversize jackets or blazers will remain in the closet as well as the beloved Schlapper sweatshirt or the XXL wool pajamas. Narrow tops are the safer choice for the beginning, because they emphasize our feminine side, which can be set in a beautiful curvy by a percussions (especially one with high waist!).

From Femme Fatale To Neo-Hippie: Facetious Striking-Style Styles That Everyone Stands For

Large, small, androgynous or curvy: Not only because every woman’s percussions stand, we are looking forward to welcome the new-old pants form in our wardrobes! With high shoes and a narrow upper part, percussions fit every type of figure. Here are some of our favorite looks:

To the elegant sled-blouse and a narrow blazer, the percussions (best in a dark or unencrypted denim washing) are businesauglich. A noble handbag as well as a trench coat or a classic wool coat perfect the look.

A narrow roll neck or V-neck sweater always looks serious to the percussions. With jewelry and accessories, such as a high-quality leather belt, the look becomes individual.

Comfortable and everyday: a tunic over the percussions, eg with all-over patterns or hippieesken embroidery. With this look, one, two kilos more can be skipped on the hip skilfully.

Highwaist breeches are staged by a narrow roll collar made of fine knit or cotton, which is put into the waistband, the most elegant! With a silk scarf or an opulent necklace and/or bracelets the look looks even more after 70s!

For a touch of Boho romance, a percussive tunic or silk blouse is combined with a fur vest or a velvet blouse. An XXL sunglass as well as a wide-brimmed sock hat are perfect for this pair of socks on sunny autumn days!

Sporty and uncomplicated, you can wear a shirt with a t-shirt or tank top worn under a college or blouson jacket.

White lace gives a percussive timeless freshness and a touch of romance. Beautiful combo: A top or a blouse from a hole top, a long-cut coarse knitted cardigan or long sweater, which is brought to the waist with a leather belt. Boots of uniform leather complete this uncomplicated look for job and everyday life.

With a refined (backless) paillette top and sexy stilettos, a simple denim shorts can be transformed into a party outfit with an eye-catching potential.

Cool trend look for real fashionistas: Wear dress over your percussions! The look lives from the play with length and location and is for example with a romantic-flowered dress in the style of the 40’s to the masterpiece in retro style!