What Clothes to Wear When Overweight

It can pick up clothes so that it is visually reduce the volume and curvy. So, what clothes fit full girls – experts detailed advice presented in this article. Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind – so it’s still important. Like that you get a second chance to make a first impression. If your clothes look sloppy, not consistent in size and will not fit into your type of figure is very bright and durable. The way you are dressed, depends not only on your mood and state of mind – it affects your life in the community.

You are cavalier flee if the theater will appear in beach shoes. You lose respect not only in the eyes of others, but their own.

Your confidence will gradually decrease and eventually you stop thinking about all the beautiful clothes, and even less will try to leave the house.

How to Choose Clothes

Before taking clothes full girl should study the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. After all, if you take full dress women, find out what and how to hide and conceal the choice is much simpler. Choice of clothes – not an easy task, but it is not difficult. We must remember only three principles: fashion, do not buy clothes at random and most importantly – do not forget about the proportions. These are the basic principles of how to choose clothes for full ladies, so he emphasized the dignity of all.

Consider these principles in more detail:

The proportions – is the first thing to remember when choosing clothes. Examination of the figure: you must clearly understand where volume removed when he said that tighten and smooth. And every time we go to the store, retain its shape and deliberately buy clothes, not because “just like”. Love your body, after all, to find the most attractive part of your figure and make a bet on it. Remember that this figure should not be visually divided into two. Top share in clothing – when one of his twice put in another. For example, length trousers – blouses with two lengths.

No matter how modern and trendy thing does not deviate from what you go and wear trendy things that only spoil. This is not our process. We choose only what suits us and makes smart and slim. Just do not take these words as advice to get out of the grandmother blouse closet. Remember the golden rule: it is outdated today what was riding high 15 years ago.

Never buy clothes at random, without prymirok, simply because the color and the seller told you this is a very go. Once you liked this or that thing, do the following.

Try on. Whether it sits well? Or somehow not very good, but it seems to come this way? If the seller offers something sewn or PIN, do not take this thing. Clothing should sit on you perfectly sized and will always give you a sense of attractiveness.

Think about what you buy this thing? And most importantly, what will I bring? Sometimes it happens that by buying the blouse and opened the closet, you realize that is not under her skirt, sex and if no socks or shoes do not fit. Maybe your coat can not wear this skirt because it was longer than her cloak or coat should be opened at least a few centimeters skirts. So think of the store at least two options for combinations of clothes with something new.

What should be properly selected clothes for overweight: Tips to help professionals understand in more detail in this regard. Pay attention to the cut, choose clothes, bias cut, or one that has a diagonal seams or patterns.

Waist should always be emphasized exception – big belly. Get some good areas and buy clothes with an emphasis on the waist.

How to choose clothes to complete the original model or print correctly? It looks like the pattern of a dress or blouse can hurt their owner? It turns out a lot, if it is the wrong place.

Forget everything – bottom dress stretches your figure of print and pockets, as well as forming cylinder.

Print shaped circle extends horizontally and the lower edge of the tank is at the widest point of your hips and lower figure makes massive.

Select only dense tissue. If you like the shirt, it should be as cohesive and wear it should be only slimming clothes.

Forget the clothes of silk, fine satin. Pan, of course, perfect for summer: it is lightweight, allowing the body to breathe and sweat that overweight people is an important argument. But much more wrinkled linen, in which a woman can not make a good impression. Not carried out in bulk viscous, thin leather and boucle.
Dense tissue, three-quarter sleeve length dress comfortable fit all, making her figure slender and attractive.
Big picture, dense fabric, good cut, focus on vertical lines – it works to make thin figure.

A special role in the clothes to give a full color game, it is treated with respect and consideration. Basically, you can not afford any color you like and goes, but it is useful to consider some points.

Tights shoes the color of visually lengthen legs. Select deeply saturated colors. Dress prints with dense tissue will give a figure harmony.

what clothes to wear full girls and women. Now it’s time to dismantle the detailed items of clothing and find out what clothes to wear full girls. Blouses always in sight. So choose with high quality fabrics.

What Clothes Suitable for Obese Women

Full suit most women V-neck and British cell. It is not forbidden to wear clothes with oval cut, but in this case should complement its vertical accessories – pendants, scarves, long beads.

Do not forget to add to your costume visible parts, whether or accessories, decorative items of clothing. What clothes to wear full women largely depends on the quality of fabrics and accessories. Brilliant and very thin tissue immediately highlight all defects and excess body folds.

Pale and brilliant friend praise harmful because these are the colors and textures draw attention to problem areas.

Do not dress in black – it’s boring. Nearby immediately see that you are trying to hide the fullness of color. All black, white, blue and pink leave the store.

Pink clothes as white, it is better not to wear. Shapeless team shirt with thin wrinkled belly and increasing the figure, and stresses that the lack of a waist belt on the hips. Square-cut area of ​​the breast makes it more massive. Immediately discard all white in your wardrobe. In white shirts.

Jeans and Pants: How to Pick up the Full

Full of Women also can (and should) wear pants and jeans. Above all, go into choosing clothes responsibly. Comprehensive approach to the classic straight jeans and trousers for women, but there are exceptions. Do not wear cropped pants or jeans, slinky styles avoided.

Jeans can be worn, but you need to choose the right color – dark blue or black. The material should be dense. If you have thin legs and volume of the stomach, it is best to choose jeans or trouser bottoms.
Jeans are straight, preferably not from the knees and hips. Select dark blue with a high waist – abdomen and buttocks tightened, and the silhouette is slim.

Brilliant, bright, short – everything that makes the figure even more bulky and thick legs and short, and should not buy.

Forget about blue jeans and decorative scratches – visually makes the figure even better. Give as lace, crystals, flowers and other accessories.

A full women in any case can not wear jeans with low waist – they visually shorten legs and form additional folds in the hips.

Dresses – is all female. They will make a real woman. Each dress able to create miracles, most importantly – to take the picture. If it is a high waist, it will give you growth and help hide your belly and wide hips. Slinky dress well only when it does not create additional folds. Follow rigor in the cut and lines, forget flounces, ruffles and installation.
Be very careful with dresses with shiny fabrics. Avoid large amounts of frills – you do not cake, do not connect.

Tip specialist. right sleeve length – three quarters without sleeves in the form of lanterns.
The dresses right length for each woman individually. It should be completed where there is the most complicated on your feet – below the knee, knee or ankle, just below mid-calf.

Built-fitting dress made of thick fabric with V-neck nicely emphasizes the waist and visually reduce the figure, which makes it enticing.

Do not Buy in Any Case:

What clothes suitable for obese women
Short satin blouse tight makes the figure even more smooth and relief. Transparent top opens all figure flaws.

What clothes suitable for obese women
Bolero? The white color? Feathers? The worst thing you can choose full.

Board stylist. See that your clothes are like little horizontal lines. This applies not only prints – end sleeves, edge sweater neckline end boots should also not be horizontal. Tight pants, short jacket and white shirt – you should not misrepresent themselves and expose the general ridicule.

Blouse or sweater inconspicuous color accent on the waist, long necklace and black pants do a figure proportional and graceful, diverting attention away from problem areas.

Board stylist. Make sure that at the end of the sleeves and the bottom edge of sweater or blouse are not on the same horizontal line. The main thing that this line is the widest point of your hips.

If you have wide hips, it should be completed or sweater at the waist or below the hips. If you are full of legs – wearing long tunics to the knee. Always follow this rule.