What Dog Food to Treat Obesity in Your Dog?

How to adapt the diet of your dog to heal his obesity?

They love us, our dogs, but our urban and sedentary lifestyle doesn’t agree with them always very well! Run less, eat more, this is the ideal recipe to take a lot of weight and their health consequences do not wait! Find the croquettes to let them find and keep the line becomes a priority and I suggest you watch together what exists!

The Reasons May Be Obese Dog

Generally speaking, we can consider that the most common cause of obesity is greater than the expense input of daily calories.

However, I propose to make the tour of the causes:

  • Food cause: too rich food, treats too frequent, too large quantities and over time, the fat accumulates in the tissues. Remember that eating between meals is not good for your dog and drag him bits of food under the table does not do service!
  • Lack of exercise: all dogs do not have the same needs exercise and some may forget, with a bit too sedentary lives, they still need to walk one to three hours per day to stay healthy. If it does not maintain muscle mass and does not spend the calories he absorbs each day, it begins to take the weight and it’s a vicious circle!
  • Sterilization and age can also cause increased sensitivity to weight gain. In these cases, medical attention and a diet suited are essential.
  • Certain diseases or treatments they entail may also cause weight gain. Hormonal imbalance: hyperthyroidism or Cushing’s disease, diabetes, taking steroids are dangerous factors.

Watch your dog if it is in one of these situations.

The Food Solutions to Treat Obesity in Your Dog

Fortunately, dog obesity problems are now well known and many brands have created with success of the especially light ranges. Sterilized dog, dog overweight, older dog, are so many choices available. Every dog is different, we will focus here on intended directly to dogs already suffering croquettes with a diagnosed obesity.

If you are looking for nuggets that correspond the best to your dog, you can test Pedigree Light, Light Royal Canin , Proplan, which are among the best known, but also Nutrivet Instinct Dietetic & Care, Flatazor Protect obesity, Hill’s, Bosch Light which are often also recommended. Some add natural fibres that swell in the stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger. Some brands, such as Hill’s or Royal Canin also have different croquettes according to the size of the dog.

Beware, the kibble is not enough: there are also that the dose is tailored and sweets are disappearing from his daily!

Price of the Kibble to Treat Obesity in Your Dog

These croquettes are easy to find on the internet wholesale bags, allowing you to choose between different sizes of packages. A little to test and if it works, you can take a large, who will be more economical.

With respect to each of the ranges quoted:

  • Pedigree Light: 13kg bag from €35
  • Royal canine Light: from €20 the Pack of 3 k and € 61 15kg package.
  • Pro Plan Light/sterilised Adult Optiweight chicken: the bag of 3kg = € 20, one of 14kg = € 45
  • Nutrivet Instinct Dietetic & Care: the bag of 10kg is €43
  • Flatazor Protect obesity: 2kg for €12 and 12kg for €71
  • Hill’s: 2.5 kg the package for €15
  • Bosch Light: €33 12,5kg package

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